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File Server – 11 Dec 2010

Posted by on December 8th, 2010 · File server, Scheduled maintenance

Planned Maintenance Outage: Share drive access

IT at UNSW advises that there will be an outage to the following share drives as follows.

INFPWFS209\Groupdata003 & NHMRC
INFPWFS210\Groupdata004 & LIB & Med & OOD & SPHCM
INFPWFS211\Groupdata005 & CVE & KCS & SSIS
INFPWFS213\Groupdata006 & LNT & LNT_Management & LNT_Programs & Management
INFPWFS214\Groupdata007 & LNT1

Date: Saturday 11 December 2010
Time: 08:00 to 12:00
Duration: 30 mins

Zones/Campuses affected: All UNSW
Services affected: L&T, Medicine, Library, Kensington College, School of Social Sciences and International Studies, Civil Engineering, National Health & Medical research council, School of Public Health, Community Med & ITU
Services Not Affected: Home drives, Email, myUNSW, network access.

IT at UNSW will be carrying out maintenance on the above mentioned drives, resulting in an outage.

User impact:
Users will not be able to access their files stored on the share drives listed above for up to 30 mins between 08:00 and 12.00.
If you try to access your drive during the outage period and cannot connect – please try again in 30 mins.

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