Since the dawn of our time here on Earth, we have propelled our species’ impact and reach on this planet tenfold. We have built cities from the ground up, we have given ourselves light, power, the internet. Today, the world that we are familiar with, that we have grown to know so well, has been made possible through our feats of technological advancement and certain digitalisation. These are innovations that have changed the way we live. As our use and expansion of technological innovations like the internet has grown, so too have the risks involved. Of course, as these threats have presented themselves, we have combated them using protective measures, such as using a VPN or installing hardware protection software (to name a few). We have dealt with the inevitable tug-of-war that always comes with furthering innovation and our reaches, all over the world. As progress comes, risk does too, and so we adapt and move forward. And in the spirit of this mentality, one of the greatest innovations we have come to know in this world is that of digital platforms that allow for global communication in an instant.

We embraced social media because it allowed us the access and opportunity for worldwide access to instantaneous communication. This feat of technology changed the way that we communicated. No longer did individuals have to wait weeks, even months, for a response via international mail (a process that was also costly at times). Now, all individuals had to do was sign up for free social media platforms and they had the world at their feet. We relished in the reality of being able to connect with loved ones the world over, no matter what time of the day it was. If we had a Wifi connection or data switched on, on our phones, we had that instant communication with us always. As our use of social media platforms grew over the years, the world noticed, rapidly taking notes. As businesses realised that their consumers were more invested in social media than they were in shopping in the real world, they worked hard to find a solution. That solution turned out to be welding social media as a modern digital marketing weapon.

Digital marketing has well and truly taken precedence in this modern age. This is especially true in recent years, as traditional marketing techniques have begun to shift out of focus in favour of modern marketing strategies. Social media marketing is one of those modern marketing tactics. Social media has evolved from being the world’s primary worldwide social connection network, to being that and so much more. Today, we see social media as a marketing hero, and it is. Businesses realised that social media was the way that they were going to get the attention – and hopefully the business – of their consumers, as consumers were more invested in social media news feeds and communication streams than they were in the traditional marketing efforts used by even the businesses and brands they loved the most. The marketing industry was due for a revitalisation, and digital marketing dropped a vast array of solutions in their laps, with social media working its way to the top of the pile.

As with any new innovation, social media as a marketing strategy has had its fair share of learning curves and the like. When navigating a new marketing concept, there will always be a pull and push ideology at play, in the beginning. Social media marketing is all about personalisation, at the end of the day, but discovering how to weld personalisation into social media marketing without becoming too personal is a difficult line to walk. After some trial and error, social media marketing has found its perfect balance, and both modern businesses and present-day consumers are reaping the rewards. Because the world’s obsession with social media has never been stronger, 2019 is going to see the rise of social media marketing into its peak position at the top of the digital marketing pile. Social media marketing has been gaining traction for a while now, but people have never loved the social connection they feel to brands and businesses they love, as much as they do now. For this reason, social media marketing is reigning in the marketing landscape, with no indication of slowing down any time soon.

Technological advancement and rapid digitalisation have brought with them a sense of incredible power and consequential risk. We can have no progress if we are not able to accept that progress will inevitably come with risks. Over time, we have become quite comfortable and increasingly skilled in protecting ourselves against these risks. By the time that social media became a mainstream feat of digitalisation, we were so enthralled in the idea of being able to communicate in real time with people all over the world, that we dove headfirst into the experience of it all. We have fed this gradual addiction to social media usage, and today it has ballooned to become a digital marketing force as well. This year, we are set to see the rise of social media marketing hit its peak performance, and it is sure to be one wild ride to the top for the modern marketing strategy.