When it comes to marketing, the world is a vast, ever-changing landscape. In years past, traditional marketing concepts were the perfect way to communicate a brand and draw in consumers (both new and existing). As time moved on, however, the world became ensnared in technological reliance, and as a result digital marketing was introduced and quickly gained favour among the masses. Today, while traditional marketing concepts are still used every day by businesses, they are mostly – if not always – used in collaboration with digital marketing strategies. The reason for this is simple: consumers today respond better to digital marketing prospects. It is just the way of the world – as the world advances, so too does our interaction and grasp of it. Even when digital marketing is the world’s reigning marketing concept, there are always shifting prominent digital marketing strategies. Each of these strategies are conceptualised from motions in the real lives of consumers. The latest weapon in digital marketing is perhaps the most genius of them yet. That weapon is none other than social media.

When social media first became a mainstream concept, it was solely supposed to be a network of digital communication platforms. The instantaneous communication that was brought to vivid life through these digital communication platforms ignited a worldwide phenomenon, and it was not long before social media was the reigning communication forum around the world. Regardless of if it was keeping in touch with family and friends overseas, keeping track of upcoming events in one’s area, or being a part of support groups online, social media allowed for a level of instant connection that was unheard of, both in efficiency and in speed of access. Within seconds, people could get responses from their loved ones in real time. It was an innovation that would go on to spur on a revitalisation of an entire industry. That industry was advertising and marketing, and that revitalisation is one that is still making impressive, profound impact on both consumers and businesses, and even whole industries.

Aptly coined as social media marketing, using social media as a marketing strategy in this digitally-obsessive age is a stroke of genius. Social media is great because anyone can advertise anything, from second-hand phones or furniture, to books, jewellery, games, and even a hydraulic hose. In the online landscape, nothing is too outlandish. This is something that businesses have well and truly taken notice of, and they are using it to their advantage. Through social media marketing, businesses can connect with their prospective consumers in seconds, allowing for instantaneous connection and marketing in one foul swoop. Consumers today spend an increasing amount of time every day online, browsing through the digital landscape. As such, turning social media into a marketing strategy is a smart move that allows businesses the opportunity to establish themselves as relevant competitors in a market that is essentially worldwide.

At the end of the day, successful marketing is all about striking the balance between consumer expectation and joy, and business success and excelling. Social media marketing perfectly encapsulates all this. In short, social media marketing has rightfully begun being referred to as a modern marketing multitool. When businesses use social media as a marketing strategy, they establish themselves as capable competitors because they open the floodgates of instant communication with and from their consumer base. This is an ideal strategy because it demands that the business is always available, always ready and able to answer any questions. In real-time, too. The reality of modern marketing is that it is all about establishing consumer loyalty and honest branding, and social media is the perfect encapsulation of these ideals. Through social media marketing, businesses are able to create a public perception of their brand that is both enticing to consumers and threatening to competitors – all with a few well-executed, consistently operating clicks of a button.

The ever-evolving landscape that is marketing is one that has evolved, more than earning its keep in every stage of consumer and market evolution. Traditional marketing concepts were incredible in their time – and they still are today when used appropriately and smartly. But as time has moved us on, digital marketing strategies have well and truly taken the reigns as the top and most successful marketing strategies (this is especially true in this digital age). Consumers today respond best to digital marketing strategies because of their increased time spent using digital devices, and most consumers use social media more than anything else. In light of this, it goes without saying that using social media as a pioneering force in digital marketing is not only a smart move…it is possibly the most genius move yet. Social media has been many things in its lifetime, but a marketing force in an ever-evolving world is perhaps the most influential and truly life-changing of them all.