Like anything else in life, social media has gone through an evolution of sorts, and continues to go through that evolution. The sole constant in social media – as it is in many other things – is change. The one thing that sets social media apart from other discoveries and innovations of its time is that it has proven it can grow from one industry to the next, successfully transforming aspects of human life as it goes. In the beginning, social media was all about developing and then maintaining a sense of instantaneous communication. This instant connection allowed individuals to send vast messages to loved ones and strangers from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, within seconds. It was a life-changing innovation, and it was the first stage of an evolution that has seen social media rise as one of the most prolific and impactful innovations in recent history. Today, social media can do it all, from instant global communication in seconds, to personal announcements, and even to business and industry marketing campaigns get on a worldwide stage. But it was not always like this.

Social media allowed for human connection on a level that had previously been unheard of. Before the introduction of social media, international communication was slow, expensive, and frustrating. With the development of social media came a newfound level of association and reliability, and people could communicate with loved ones and strangers across vast oceans, or right next to them, within seconds. All they needed was a Wifi connection, and social media allowed for the rest to transpire. From having a conversation English, to translating comments from other languages to be able to write back, social media did it all – and it achieved it quite well in the process. In all the world, nobody had ever conceived of a global communication notion quite like that which social media achieved. It was the dawn of a new age, and that new age would go on to bring incredible rates of connection and reliability.

As the internet – and, by association, social media – development and advanced further and further, individuals began to use social media as a platform to sell and buy their personal belongings. This was a concept that started out as a personal account opportunity, with people using their social media platforms to sell or buy things from people on their friends or followers lists. When people moved to a new house, they put up pictures and descriptions of the items they were giving away or selling, and their families and friends had first pick before they took them to animal shelters, donation centres, or tips. This concept eventually ballooned, and after businesses realised their clientele were spending more time on social media than shopping in traditional brick and mortar stores, they began to make moves to weaponize social media for their own gain. And social media as a marketing strategy came to fruition.

Today, social media is still the global digital connectivity network that it started out as, but it is also one of the leading digital marketing strategies around. Of course, marketing is constantly shifting and changing, too, but social media marketing has proven time and again to be a weapon in modern marketing strategizing. Because the modern consumer spends so much time on social media, having social media marketing as a key marketing strategy ensures that businesses get the best angle to connect with their customers. Additionally, social media marketing, when executed well, is a marketing strategy that allows businesses to put forward a representation of themselves that establishes them firmly as a force to be reckoned with in their industry. In short, the competition is made abundantly aware that they have a competing force vying for the attention and loyalty of their customer base. There is no choice but for all businesses to invest in social media marketing these days – and to maintain it. In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, social media marketing is a necessity for all businesses alike.

The evolution of social media as a modern wonder in recent history’s list of innovations has been both certain and steady. Starting out as a personal connection network that spanned the entire globe, social media has gone on to become a marketing diamond in an ever-changing modern landscape. The rise from then to now has taken time (as all good things do), and the single greatest part of it all is that today, social media has proven its incessant value as both a personal and a professional tool of communication. It is rare that inventions span across both personal and professional stratospheres, but social media is indeed one of the few that manages to do this. The impressive rise from a single niche social connection platform to connecting most of the world’s population has been nothing short of astonishing, and social media will forever have a place in the world now.