We are pleased to announce that the SCANZ 2013 3rd nature symposium (and exhibition documentation) will form the contents of a special edition of Leonardo Electronic Almanac. There is call information at:http://www.intercreate.org/scanz2013-3rdnature/scanz2013-3rdnaturehui/

Call for abstracts
Integrating indigenous perspectives with creative, environmental, scientific and academic views on reality is essential to our future. We must work together to resolve the issues facing humanity. SCANZ 2013: 3rd nature will bring together diverse people to discuss and celebrate how to approach working together across cultures and disciplines.

Reminder for SCANZ 2013

Who should attend the SCANZ2013 symposium?
Tangata whenua, indigenous peoples, scientists, artists, environmentalists, academics, philosophers, educationalists, musicians, teachers, technologists, and those concerned about sustainability, the future of Earth and humanity.

The first day of the hui will be held at Owae marae. Keynote speakers presently confirmed are Dr Te Huirangi Waikerepuru (Aotearoa New Zealand) and International Research Fellow Nina Czegledy (Canada & Hungary). The second two days will be at the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki campus.

Who is coming to SCANZ 2013?
Below are the currently confirmed artists selected for the SCANZ 2013 two week creative residency, from the previous proposal round. There is also an additional set of artists/creatives with whom we are in discussion.

Ricardo O’Nascimento — onascimento.com, popkalab.com
Scenocosme (Gregory Lasserre and Anais met den Ancxt) — scenocosme.com
Darko Fritz — darkofritz.net
Hideo Iwasaki (exhibition) — www.f.waseda.jp/hideo-iwasaki
Ilka Nelson — thelasttree.net
Agnese Trocchi and Giovanna Dante — newmacchina.info
Sonja van Kerkhoff — sonjavank.com
Kate Genevieve — kategenevieve.wordpress.com
Jo Tito — sciencewithsoul.com
Pierre Proske and Damian Stewart — digitalstar.net, damianstewart.com
Jayce Salloum (screening) — tinyurl.com/jaycesalloum
Vicki Smith — sailingforsustainability.org
Dr Tracey M Benson — byte-time.net

There are four types of presentations which will be reviewed by robust process: peer reviewed, panel presentation, solutions and individual.

Abstracts are both peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed tracks.

We are using the conference management system Easy Chair. You need an Easy Chair log in. The page to go is: http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=scanz2013

Further information covering submission process is available at the Intercreate web page. While this part of the process is formal, the intention is to mix session types over the three days. Some will be informal.

We encourage you to send us any questions, and to put forward your thoughts and project proposals for this selection round.

Please also forward this proposal information to others who you think may be interested to join us for either the residency or the hui/symposium events.

Ian Clothier