*Posthuman Studies – Humanities, Metahumanities, PosthumanitiesCFP –

You still have until the end of this month for sumitting your abstract to
the* 9th Beyond Humanism Conference:*


The 9th Beyond Humanism Conference will take place at John Cabot University
in Rome from the 19th of July until the 22nd of July 2017.

Posthuman Studies – Humanities, Metahumanities, Posthumanities


Keynote Speaker: Sven Helbig (http://www.svenhelbig.com/)

Papers can be presented which analyse what it is to be human in an age of
rapid technological, scientific, cultural and social evolution. As the
boundaries between human and ‘the other’, technological, biological and
environmental, are eroded and perceptions of normalcy are challenged, they
have generated a range of ethical, philosophical, cultural, and artistic
questions. Drawing on theory from critical posthumanism and the normative
reflections of transhumanism the conference will encourage constructive but
rigorously critical dialogue.

Conference papers can be on issues such as the consequences of enhancement,
especially bioenhancement, transhumanist, and posthumanist accounts of “the
human”, and any and all ways in which they impact culture and society. The
conference organizers encourage submissions from a range of disciplines
such as: philosophy, sociology, literary studies, cultural studies,
critical theory, media studies, bioethics, medical ethics, anthropology,
religious studies, disability studies, gender studies, queer studies,
critical animal studies, environmental studies, and the visual arts.

Call for Papers

We invite English abstracts up to 500 words, to be sent in MS Word and PDF
format to: posthuman.conference@gmail.com

Files should be named and submitted in the following manner:
Submission: First Name Last name. docx (or .doc) / .pdf
Example: “Submission: MaryAndy.docx”

Abstracts should be received by the 1st of April 2017.
Acceptance notifications will be sent out by the end of April 2017.
All those accepted will receive information on the venue(s), local
attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and planned receptions and events
for participants.
Presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes. Each presenter will be
given 10 additional minutes for questions and discussions with the
audience, for a total of 30 minutes.