Identity Management Foundation Project Update


Project update

The IdAM Foundation project has been busy completing a series of System Owner and General Awareness face to face communication briefing sessions during June and July to over 100 stakeholders across UNSW. These sessions were well received and summarised key changes resulting from the project as well provided stakeholders with information for them to assess and make necessary changes to manage impacts in their area. You can find a copy of the General Awareness presentation on the IdAM Foundation project site.

The project team has completed the detailed implementation planning. This has highlighted the complexity (a large number of touch points to UNSW systems) and the extent of work that must be done by Go Live to ensure a smooth transition to the new IDM solution. As a result, we have rescheduled the planned Go Live date to Monday, 5 December 2016. This date was finalised in consultation with key stakeholder groups.

Testing update

System testing was completed successfully and we are currently completing End to End (E2E) testing, across two cycles. The E2E testing will validate that the new IDM solution integrates with all necessary UNSW systems. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is now planned from September to early October. Nominated testers will be contacted shortly to organise their involvement in testing.

Stop change ahead

STOP emailing students using and USE


From Go Live, new UNSW students (including UNSW Canberra students and HDR candidates) will be allocated as their preferred email address, while existing students (including UNSW Canberra students and HDR candidates) will retain and have already been allocated as their secondary email address.

While there are no impacts for students, all UNSW staff must start using to ensure they reach all students (current and new) from the Go Live date, but you can start now.

Moving to as a standard email naming convention enables continuity as well as minimises the disruption for the growing number of students and staff who hold both roles or frequently transition between the roles. In addition, our HDR candidates can print the prestigious email address on their publications. Unifying the email domain improves maintainability and supportability and our customers’ experience.

Act Now:

  1. Don’t’ wait till Go Live. Start now. Use from today to manage email communication from staff to UNSW students, UNSW Canberra students and HDR candidates.
  2. Review your team’s business processes and procedures for how you manually create email naming conventions eg. will need to use to ensure you reach all students (eg. Distribution list, Survey Monkeys, system generated emails, etc.)

More communication will be issued to impacted staff, including Academics, in the lead up to Go Live.

What do I need to do?

  1. Please share this eNewsletter with your peers and team members.
  2. Visit the IdAM Foundation project site regularly for updates.
  3. Work with the business change manager, Nina Boulatouf, to prepare your area for the changes to avoid any disruption at Go Live.

Find out more by

emailing the project team at

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