Technology Research At Your Fingertips

Person at computer with coffee mugWhere should you go to when looking for answers on technology questions and direction?

At UNSW we are fortunate to have multiple research and analyst resources available to us;

  • Gartner
  • Cutter Consortium
  • CEB IT Leadership Council ­
  • Forrester

These are all resources available to UNSW staff, that can provide us with insight into technology information and market research.




logo_gartnerGartner is one of the world’s leading information technology research and advisory companies. When using Gartner you will be able to access technology­ related insight, which can help in making business decisions.

You will be able to stay informed by signing up for alerts on topics of interest and registering for the ‘tracking tool. In addition to world­ class research and insight, Gartner provides IT professionals with opportunities to network with peers within their IT role and industry. Check out the Gartner events for network opportunities and recordings of past webinars.

What our Director of Strategy and Architecture says about Gartner­ “Gartner is a rich source of competitive information around their magic quadrants and insights on key trends and how to utilise industry changes” – David Bryan.

To access Gartner follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) portal
2. Sign in to by clicking the arrow down under the ‘Sign in to one of the following sites’ option and select
3. Use the format as your user name




Cutter Consortium is another global business­ technology advisory firm, dedicated to helping organisations leverage emerging technologies and the latest business management thinking to achieve success.

Cutter looks at the challenges technology change brings through its research, training, and consulting, it can provide us with a good understanding with changes around business models, sustainable innovation, change management, digital transformation and much more. It’s in depth articles and webinars provide deep dive information in the topic areas covered.

The UNSW Cutter Research licence will give you full access to the research on the Cutter site and you can request for assistance from one of the Client Services Managers at Cutter, who can help you locate research or provide a reading list of reports. If you require this assistance please contact our Communication Analyst to get the details.

To start using the UNSW Cutter Research license

1. Register for membership using your UNSW email address.

2. You will be taken to your profile page, look for the ‘Subscription’ tab enter the code 5URF­RO2J­5UYW­40SB

3. That’s it. You will receive a confirmation email.



CEB is a global, best practice insight and technology company. It provides a broad range of industry case studies, templates, diagnostics tools, benchmarks and webinars gleaned from its extensive customer base. It covers all dimensions of IT delivery.


To get access the CEB- IT Leadership Council please follow the steps below:

 1. Log in to the website. Visit CEB IT Leadership Council for Mid sized Companies member website and complete the “FirstTimeUser?” form using your UNSW e-mail address.

2. Shortly after, you will receive an e-mail with a private link to create your password.

Remember to:

  • Browse the Topics Tab. Take action in critical areas such as Strategic Planning, Road mapping, and Risk Management Capabilities with benchmarking, best practices, and tools.
  • Register for an Upcoming Webinar. Participate in online research presentations tied to your most pressing issues
  • Join a Peer Group. Access a network of over 10,000 IT executives and specialist peers to post questions and share practices and advice.
  • Reach out to your Advisory Services team. Schedule time with a member of our Executive Advisor® team to brainstorm, vet, and plan for the topics or challenges most important to you.
  • Watch a 2 minute video to learn more about our support for IT leaders and their teams.




Another major research agency you may come about in your general search is Forrester. It holds significant research material and guides in the form of play books for all key IT Services. If you are after a reference article we can often get copies through our research access within the IT Strategy Team. See what is available on the Forrester website.

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