A new way of measuring customer satisfaction


We have a new way of measuring customer satisfaction in IT. From the 1st of July UNSW IT started to use a customer service metric called Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is defined as a measure of how likely our customers are to recommend us to a friend or a colleague, expressed as a score.

How does Net Promoter calculate a score?

We survey customers who logged tickets by phone and had IT related issues that were not password resets.

The survey asks customers to score their overall satisfaction with service (0-10), how likely they are to recommend UNSW IT (0-10) and what was the reason for the score of how likely they were to recommend us.

The responses are separated into three categories:

  1. Detractors (0-6) → These are our unhappy customers. They have the power to spread negative word-of-mouth that could damage our brand.
  2. Passives (7-8) → These are our satisfied customers. But they’re not crazy about us.
  3. Promoters (9-10) → These are the people who love us. They will recommend us to their friends and will talk highly about us. Their referrals are key to our growth.

The results are calculated by taking the percentage of promoters, then subtract the percentage of detractors. See below

NPS Visual


There is fantastic news on our front, the latest UNSW IT NPS is 80! This is not an easy result to achieve and it means that 80+ of respondents think we are pretty awesome! And to compare us with some of the top companies who use NPS to measure customer satisfaction, here are some of their scores; Amazon- 76, Trader Joe’s: 73, Costco: 71 and Apple: 71.

Here is what some of our customers are saying about us:

I am a regular issues presenter to UNSW IT and they have always come up with the goods. Prompt and knowledgeable. Legends!!                                          

Staff were helpful, communicated well and let me know when there were issues. They also followed up quickly and sorted out my problem on the same day

Problem was fixed in a timely manner. IT staff had a professional attitude and were helpful in additional IT issues.                                                 

Prompt, polite and capable service including rapid follow up and resolution of the issue.                                                

I placed an urgent call to IT to assist me and within an hour a technician arrived and had my computer up and running very quickly. I was impressed by the promptness of the response to help me. Thank you so much                                                               

But there is always room for improvement…right? Yes, while UNSW IT continues to provide a high standard of support, the Service Management Office is working on a mechanism to provide constructive feedback to the teams to continue improvement where necessary and increase customer satisfaction.

And what happens with the customers that came up as Detractors? The team follows up with a phone call, providing an opportunity to turn an unsatisfied customer into a happy one. In addition, this is gives us a chance to learn more about issues for next time.

If you want to learn more about IT Net Promoter Score (NPS), contact Houssein Hallani.

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