Introducing The IT LaunchPad- Where we are changing the way we work

In IT we are excited and energised by the 2025 Strategy.

We believe UNSW IT is in a great position to support the University in its commitment to transform lives through excellence, to become something different to what we are today and to support our customers through the same journey.

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A new way of measuring customer satisfaction


We have a new way of measuring customer satisfaction in IT. From the 1st of July UNSW IT started to use a customer service metric called Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is defined as a measure of how likely our customers are to recommend us to a friend or a colleague, expressed as a score.

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Identity Management Foundation Project Update


Project update

The IdAM Foundation project has been busy completing a series of System Owner and General Awareness face to face communication briefing sessions during June and July to over 100 stakeholders across UNSW. These sessions were well received and summarised key changes resulting from the project as well provided stakeholders with information for them to assess and make necessary changes to manage impacts in their area. You can find a copy of the General Awareness presentation on the IdAM Foundation project site.

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Technology Research At Your Fingertips

Person at computer with coffee mugWhere should you go to when looking for answers on technology questions and direction?

At UNSW we are fortunate to have multiple research and analyst resources available to us;

  • Gartner
  • Cutter Consortium
  • CEB IT Leadership Council ­
  • Forrester

These are all resources available to UNSW staff, that can provide us with insight into technology information and market research.

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One Front Door

We are excited to announce a new initiative that we believe will make it easier and simpler for the UNSW community to get in touch with the right areas across UNSW IT no matter what the specific query.   This initiative is in response to feedback received from across UNSW as part of the IT Review which brought to our attention a number of customers who find some difficulty in knowing who to contact for specific IT queries. Continue reading