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My apologies on announcing the winners of last week’s Peter Farrell Cup. Official press release or announcement coming soon. In the meanwhile, I couldn’t help building on the earlier blog post about fear of failure vs failure to start. It was nagging me to create this bubble chart based on the same GEM data with a few changes:

  • Fear of failure and entrepreneurial intentions in the same chart as different axes
  • Bubble area according to additional population data (since the GEM data is based at the individual level, not firm level)
  • Color coded by GEM’s classification (Factor-driven economy: RED, Efficiency-driven economy: BLUE, Innovation-driven economy: YELLOW)


So, if one were to draw a linear regression line through the whole data set, then Australia would probably be middle of the road for the overall data. If you look at only the yellow bubbles (innovation-driven economies), then Australia tends to be towards the upper right, i.e., greater intentions to start (not bad), but higher fear of failure (not good). Does that mean that relative to the other innovation-driven economies, Australia is a country of “intentrepreneurs” or “wantrepreneurs”?


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