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Remote participants

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I have been asked how remote participants will be participating in the event and this post is to provide more information about how I envision these remote participants group will be participating in the event.
Remote participants can be used in several ways. They can utilise their specific skillsets towards helping out a number of teams during the event and if they are overseas then it would be a true follow the sun model of working and collaborating.
They can be product feedback testers, becoming early market adopters and advocates, helping to create a community of users for your product.
The cycle for this innovation event is having an idea, validating the idea, turning the idea into a product/service, and re-validating the product/service.
I believe that remote participants are the key in helping execute an idea and to also validate the product/service.
All participants get a chance to vote for the product/service they like so it does become critical to manage remote participants.
I would advise that the team designate a member to act as a community manager to help gather and co-ordinate remote participants.
Lastly, I really want to know who will be the remotest participant that weekend.

Why video pitches?

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I was asked today why have video pitches for the ideas and that it may cause participants to not post up ideas.

I am a great believer that you need to have passion behind the idea, its quite simple to write up an idea or to copy and paste an idea from a repository, it’s quite another story to stand up and convey your passion through a video pitch.

A video pitch is a great rally point for your idea, you are demonstrating that you have the leadership potential to successfully transition a great idea into an equally great product.

Twitter Hashtag

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The Twitter hashtag for the event is #unswbuild48


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At the moment individual prizes will be given for the most highly rated idea in each of those three broad categories (Improve student experience, research experience and community engagement).

A team prize will be given for the the most highly rated application in the same categories.

Build48 wants to make a clear distinction between having a good idea and delivering a final product.

Welcome all!

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Welcome to Build48,
The blog is designed to keep you informed of the event and will continue even after a twitter hashtag is set up.