By Banafsha Sayed

…become a doctor and build my very own hospital to help everyone.


I am looking forward to helping as many people as I can and want to provide them with the latest technology. In the year 2030 I will be 27 years old and would have successfully completed my education. My goal is to start off by acquiring a Bachelor of Science degree since I am immensely passionate about it and I always wanted to incorporate Science in my career. After that, I am looking forward to doing the Doctor of Medicine degree as my dream job is to become a doctor so that I can contribute to people’s lives positively and make a difference.


Medicine is undoubtedly a highly noble profession where you can deeply connect with patients. They trust you in their most vulnerable states and you can leave a deeper personal impact and change their lives in a way that I think is difficult to match in any other profession. One of the most common reasons people want to go into medicine and become a doctor is the fulfilment you get from helping others. I believe helping others is fundamental in finding one’s life purpose and fulfilment. What I am looking forward to the most other than helping people, is the intellectual challenges and interpersonal connections that come with being a doctor.

Benefits of STEM

Participating in the ‘Exploring STEM Careers’ UNSW program has helped grow my understanding of the STEM subjects. It introduced me to things I never knew I would enjoy and has increased my love for Science even more. It provided me with an insight to all the STEM career opportunities I was unaware of. Before attending this program I had a vague idea but was unsure of the STEM subjects I would like to incorporate in my senior years. Now I can certainly say that I am going to be picking Chemistry, Biology, Advanced Mathematics and Mathematics Extension for Year 11.

Benefits to Medical Industry

I am also looking forward to collaborating with companies who develop robots and AIs. I don’t think robots can replace doctors or surgeons but I would certainly be interested in testing them at my hospital. By performing experiments with them we can get to know more about them and how they can benefit the medical industry. These tests can answer questions like, can they work 24/7 without breaks? Certainly that’s not something humans can do.

In this journey of mine I would like to show everyone that women too can create a successful career for themselves in the STEM industry. I aspire to remove the stereotype that only men can participate in these careers.


All images from Canva