By Tammie Luk

What would you be by 2030?

Any careers you’re interested in?

What do you want to be when you leave school?

As a year 10 student, these are the most stressful questions. Year 10 is the time when we need to start and finish creating our future plans, which is quite stressful as no one knows what the future will look like, you don’t know where you will be. But one thing is for sure, more technology-related jobs are created so it is better to work in the STEM field. There are many careers to choose from. By 2030, I might be:

A software engineer

I might be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. I would like to create the newest, most used social media. As social media use keeps increasing, creating the most amazing social media would make a lot of profit and make me famous, who doesn’t want to be famous and rich?

I would like to work with robots. Robots are cool, nowadays the robots can look like and work like humans. Have you seen the robots made by Boston Dynamics? Their robots are smart, they are more sensitive than humans (due to their sensors). There was one video where Spot (a name of their robots) was dancing to “Uptown Funk”. If you haven’t seen it, you have to check them out. I wish I could create and code one of these amazing robots.

Working with robots would be awesome, but my priority is working with AI (artificial intelligence). It’s so cool that robots are smarter than their creator. My dream is to expand AI. We are all forgetful people but with AI, the system can remember it for you and just remind you, which is very convenient. Look at Google Home and Alexa, they help us humans to complete our laziness. We often are lazy to just walk to the light and turn it off, too lazy to even search stuff up, but now we have Google Home and Alexa, they will do it for us.

By 2030 I’d like to… create my version of Google Home or Alexa, however, instead of having only the voices, there will be images or a person, an image customised by the consumers themselves that would suit them the best. My Google Home or Alexa, does not only switch appliances on or off the but they could also help you organise your data or even your cash flow so that you don’t need to even bother to think about it. It would be like your little maid, cleaning the house for you or your little secretary, organising all your files for you. My Google Home or Alexa would be the easiest thing for everyone to use so that no matter what age or country you come from, you can still understand and use it. I will then open a business and sell it for a cheaper price so that everyone could receive one. I wish I could create this product and create a bit of satisfaction in our own lives.

To accomplish my dream I first have to successfully go to the University of New South Wales, as they are the best engineering university I have heard of. UNSW has lots of events that support me for my future, some of them are reasons why I wanted to be an engineer. The most interesting one is the RoboCup (the robot soccer World Cup in Sydney). I have been checking out the RoboCup; their robots are cute and funny especially when they fall. If I get into UNSW, the first thing I would do is to sign up to the RoboCup, I have dreamed to work with them ever since I have seen them. If I join RoboCup, I would make sure to work with my team to win this game, as teamwork makes the dream work.

There are so many careers to choose from. I don’t even know which to choose, as the future is not set in stone. But one thing is for sure, I would like to be an engineer that changes and successfully study in UNSW. What would you be in 2030?