Observing the phenomenon

The most popular social media platforms in North America include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. In the past 5 years social media usage has gradually increased for the continent. In 2015 it the United States was recorded reaching 56.1% and Canada 55.6%. Amongst the social media platform usage, Facebook remains the top favourite in North America. Facebook messenger plays a significant part with Facebook’s usage.

In both Canada and the U.S, Facebook and its messenger service drew a bigger attraction to female users, while other platforms in the continent experience had a fairly equal split in gender. What really stands out about Facebook messenger’s usage statistics, that it is the only chat-based application to make the top five most-used social platforms in both countries. North America is the only continent to have such usage, whereas other regions in the world are using chat applications such as Skype and WhatsApp more frequently. We have to keep in mind, most of these social media applications started from the region. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook have maximum users from both countries. With social media easily accessible via smart phones, social media usage has increased amongst users.

The corporate world and social media

Social media is a common practice today; we use it subconsciously as it follows us in the palm of our hands. Social media is increasingly infiltrating everyday media practices. Governments, consultants, corporations and innovative start-ups depend entirely on social media for enhancing the customer experience. Corporations interact directly with their consumers through social media now. They promote their products as well as facilitate various business transactions. A few years ago, brands participated and interacted with their consumers online, however they did not pay much attention to consumer trends and results. Whereas, now most major brands are capitalizing on the benefits of the social media data received by observing the customer’s behavior and interaction online.

Social media analytics are a helpful tool, which observe and analyze user behavior. Of course the company’s social media expert can analyze the number of likes, shares and comments received on the brand’s social media page. However there are tools now available, which can monitor user interaction on intricate levels. Social media analytics is a technique used to analyze traces of data to generate insights for social and business practices. Social media analytics market is still on the track of becoming one of the most essential measurement tools to operate a business or execute any brand campaign.  

What are they using social media for? (Platforms)

Social media is embedded in our daily lives, what we use it for is our choice. Some use it to market their brand, social networking, inspiration and some just to simply kill time. Here is a list of types of social media and what they are used for:

  1. Social Network: Connect with people, personal branding (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  2. Media Sharing Networks – Share media, photos (Soundcloud, Google+, Snapchat)
  3. Discussion sharing forums (Reddit,Digg)
  4. Bookmarking and content curation networks (Pinterest)
  5. Social shopping networks (Ebay, Grailed, Etsy)
  6. Bookmarking and content curation networks – Discover, save and share new content (Pinterest, Tumblr)
  7. Sharing Economy networks (AirBnb, Uber, Taskrabbit, Custom Writing )

How Canada and the United States Compare with Social Platform Usage


Social Media Games

Social media games are a common way of communication. These games are played within social network sites. Games such as, Mafia Wars, Happy Farm and Candy Crush are a familiar and integral part of peoples daily lives. For many individuals it is a source of entertainment and way to maintain relationships with co-workers, friends and family.

Growth and Expansion of Social Media

Smartphones and mobile devices are the big it factor that is driving the market. Smartphones have brought a new dimension to social media, as they remain within our reach constantly connected to the Internet – which allows people to engage with social media anywhere at any given moment. According to statistics, Internet usage in 2015 in Canada and the United States remained high. Smartphone usage in the United States has grown in 2014-15 from 57% to 59.3%. Which makes it one of the only few countries in the world that did not see a decrease in smartphone usage. According to Statistics Canada in 2016 the highest usage of social media in Canada was recorded in the province of Ontario, with 67% of people connected to social media platforms. With more than 50% Canadians registered to one or more social media platforms. 46% of Canadian Businesses are using social media to promote and sell their products/services.

Social media has effectively changed the way we communicate, shop, dine, travel and seek inspiration.