Social media has revolutionised the world in so many ways, marketing being one of the most tangible. People use it to connect with their loved ones across oceans. Companies use it as a platform for connection and communication through the masses. Activists and human and animal rights groups use social media to spread awareness about upcoming events and ongoing issues. Universities and colleges have their own social media platforms that serve as open communication portals and student assistance platforms. And now, businesses are using social media as a marketing tactic. In a world where everything is focused around a tech-driven concept, social media has provided businesses with a platform that allows them to receive brand exposure and consumer awareness on a level previously unheard of. Before the internet – and thus, social media – became a mainstream facet of modern society, businesses had to rely on word of mouth and traditional marketing tactics like print and telemarketing.

Now, with the click of a button, the latest update can be provided on a brand’s product line and millions of people can see it all over the world, allowing the business to gain global exposure with what seems like minimal effort. In reality, social media marketing is incredibly time consuming and requires consistent energy. For the businesses that can keep up with the demand that social media marketing requires, it can barrel their brand into stardom. For those that cannot, they sink into the shadows to make way for the more adaptable brands. Like any other modern concept, there are those that believe that social media use – whether it be personal or for business – does more harm than good. But the truth is that, like anything, social media must be handled with care and in alignment with its intended purpose. There can be no innovation without exposure. Social media takes this concept to new heights – the very core of social media requires brands to expose themselves and their product lines to further innovate their ideas and consumer exposure.

For social media marketing to be successful, the presence of the brand must be consistent – simply having an account or page on a social media platform is not enough. From choosing an SEO company to narrowing down the code that is the background of every online store, businesses are finding themselves having to rewire their cores to remain relevant in the modern market. Brands must be actively and consistently posting and interacting with their consumers if they want to have any hope of remaining leading brands in this digital era. In communicating openly with their consumers, brands are given the template to become more well-rounded businesses. Consumers live for the businesses that they felt heard from, and social media marketing allows businesses to create a facet of their brand that not only allows their consumers to be heard, but speaks back to them. Social media marketing gives consumers a way to make brands aware of what they expect, what they love, what they hate. All in all, brands typically increase exposure and consumer loyalty when they use social media marketing correctly. Social media marketing can only be successful in the long run with strategy, persistence, and measurement.

Marketing via digital platforms like social media give businesses the opportunity to market to their prospective consumers personally. Through activated and targeted marketing strategies like cookies, businesses can target their ads towards individual consumers by advertising products that sit in alignment with the individual’s interests, hence inspiring them to purchase more often. Advertisements are useful and do encourage and inspire consumers, but when brands actively advertise to each specific individual through that individual’s devices – whether it be email marketing or ads embedded into their most used sites, like social media – they are putting products in front of each individual that cater to their specific tastes, making the advertising efforts five times as likely to yield results than general marketing. It makes sense – after all, every individual has different tastes than the person next to them. Not every marketing tool will appeal to the same people.

Social media marketing is incredibly impactful and has made its mark on practically the entire industry. As time goes on, and the impact of social media marketing continues to expand, more and more businesses are taking their brands and shifting them to ecommerce, whether it be to expand their exposure by adding another way for consumers to shop or view their business, or entirely moving it online to align their brand with the way that the world seems to have moved. Whatever the case, the end game is the same. Social media has changed not only our personal lives, but the way in which we run businesses, cementing social media as one of the most all-around innovative and important digital innovations of our time.