Social media is a concept that was first brought to life to connect people around the world. The whole idea around social media was that it would be a network of accounts on platforms that allowed people to communicate with each other in real-time, regardless of where in the world they happened to be at the time. This humble core concept evolved over time to become not just a communications network for personal social connection, but professional social connection as well. Over time, the core principles and models for traditional social media platforms began to be used to create social media networks for the workplace. Soon, professional social media platforms like LinkedIn and Slack evolved, and social media’s reach globally grew once again. Today, social media is used as a modern marketing technique. It is utilised in alignment with other modern marketing techniques – like search engine optimisation (SEO) – to create full-scale, high-impact marketing weapons that improve companies reach around the world.

Companies make it their business to research and invest in the assistance of a professional search engine optimisation company when they want to learn how to master SEO principles – or even if they just want a professional to do the hard yards for them because they do not have the time. It makes sense. SEO is one of the most valuable marketing tools that one can invest in these days. Businesses want to be able to reach their target audiences, but more than that they want to bring them in and thus build their brand. SEO is a brilliant marketing strategy for precisely that, and now social media marketing has joined the ranks to forge an even stronger pathway to consumer engagement and brand exposure. Though not necessarily an entirely new concept, social media as a marketing strategy has been making headlines lately because more companies are paying attention and realising its worth.

Social media as a key marketing strategy has only recently come into full effect. Social media marketing was born from the notion that consumers today spend an increasing amount of time on their devices. As our reliance on technology grows, then marketing strategies should too evolve to cater to the way consumers spend their time today, not yesterday. Because consumers spend so much time online and browsing their social media channels, it makes all the sense in the world that the marketing strategies like social media marketing are resonating with consumers more and more, bringing in more revenue and expanding brands exponentially. Consumers today often judge a company by its presence on social media. It is a natural progression of the way that the world has moved, that the retail and marketing industry should progress as well.

Marketing strategies today have evolved to include digital remodels and additions, just as retail has evolved to include the digital landscape of ecommerce. What social media marketing does for ecommerce is create a platform where brands can not only gain exposure, but engage with existing and prospective consumers in a way that makes said consumers feel heard, valued, and like they are truly a part of the brand. Social media marketing has perfectly encapsulated what it means for businesses to engage their consumers and in turn win brand loyalty. Similarly, good SEO marketing assists customers to locate websites and engage with them. Digital marketing is about connection, communication, link-building, and authenticity. While SEO aims to serve link-building and connection, social media marketing works toward achieving authenticity and communication.

Using the two strategies in alignment with one another is the single best way for businesses to build their reputations and ensure their relevance moving forward into this digitally-enhanced future. Essentially, social media account activation and consistent, meaningful use allows companies to achieve higher rankings in search engines; the more that a company posts on social media, and the more those posts gain shares, likes, and comments, the higher a company’s SEO ranking will rise.

Social media today is vastly different to the initial social media reaches that kick-started the craze. While social media platforms were initially designed to simply connect people around the world in real-time, today social media has evolved to become something of a modern marketing giant. Social media has been on the rise as a relevant tool in modern marketing, but its recent evolution into a tactic that goes hand in hand with SEO has made it a weapon in the marketing universe. While we are just now gaining a full understanding of the potential in using social media as a marketing strategy, the impact to be made is both exciting and promising – promising of a future where social media marketing reigns supreme in the marketing world. The power it already has in the marketing sector is proof that this is only the beginning for social media marketing…the best is yet to come.