The evolution of various technological advancements has been extraordinary to say the least. Mobile phones have evolved from being bricks of wiring to being thin slices of glass and metal, offering the world to their users in the palm of their very hands. The internet is literally single-handedly responsible for a level of global connectivity that almost certainly would not have come to reality if it were not for the introduction of the world wide web. We are seeing the beginning of widespread data automation, a feat that is allowing safe passage to a world where everything is stored more efficiently, and made more easily accessible. And then there are the seemingly small technological innovations, like social media. The digital evolution that is social media has had a colourful history in its short existence so far, evolving from a simple social connectivity platform to erupting into a full-scale, globally accessible marketing platform. While it did not happen overnight, the transition is one that took the world by surprise – and it is not going anywhere any time soon.

Social media has come a long way from its days as a simple social connection platform network. These days, social media is one of modern-day society’s strongest marketing strategies, and it can be used to promote anything from products from fashion and make up stores, to available services at a truck leasing company. The sky’s the limit for social media marketing, and it is only just beginning to find its footing as a key marketing strategy in this transitory era. The reason that social media marketing has excelled so far forward in such a short time is quite simple: the technological obsession and subsequent reliability that has swept over the world has quite literally changed the world. Every industry has shifted, even if only a little. Even healthcare and education – the two most stubborn industries in the world – have gone largely digital. As the economy seemingly moves towards a decidedly tech-driven future, then the entire planet must shift as well to stay in alignment with the way the world is moving. This includes marketing strategies.

Every product and service today needs to be subjected to marketing, in some form or another, to find its grasp on consumers. The consumer market today is not the same as it was even twenty years ago. In fact, the differences are so significant that they are at once eerily familiar and entirely ground-breaking. Traditional print marketing has evolved to become email marketing. An incredibly powerful tool, social media marketing has taken over even some of the more recent marketing tactics, such as television advertisements and text marketing. As technology continues to advance and develop further, and the world moves onward and upward, many marketing tactics are being shown the door, being rendered irrelevant in the exceedingly shifting times. Social media marketing, however, is just now finding its feet…this is only the beginning for the marketing strategy, as its main audience has only just not burst on the scene – the millennials.

The current younger generations are already proving to be the pioneering force behind what is likely to be the complete digitalisation of advertising and marketing. Millennials were brought into a world that was largely technologically efficient, and they are the first generation that expects technological efficiency in every aspect of their lives. As they spend the vast majority of their time with their heads buried in their phones, browsing social media and texting their loved ones, then it only makes sense that companies and whole industries alike change their marketing strategies to appeal to the new core audience – millennials. And this is where social media marketing comes in. Businesses that used social media as their main business model and marketing strategy enjoy tidy profits, making up to the millions in annual sales thanks to the globally renowned social media network. At its core, social media is a digital expression of the self that has been, quite effectively, marketed into something else entirely.

Social media was never intended to become the modern marketing giant that it has; in its initial configuration, the concept of social media platforms was solely to form a digital version of a diary, or letters between members of a social circle. Over time, this ideal has been stretched and shifted, ultimately evolving into what is today the most prominent marketing strategy in the modern world. Social media marketing allows for a specific kind of global reach that not many – if any – other marketing tactics are able to mimic. Used to promote anything from the biggest skin care products to the most reputable transport companies, social media marketing is the grounds for companies to advertise their product, service, or idea to the world on a scale that is unparalleled anywhere else on Earth. Social media marketing is almost certainly the future of modern marketing, and what we are seeing is just the humble beginnings of the marketing strategy rolling into steady motion.