Social media started out as solely a network of social connection platforms, and has since expanded to become the soul of modern marketing. The rise of social media marketing has come at a time when industries the world over have been desperate for a way to connect with their consumers more honestly and openly. Over the last few years, it seems that social media marketing has been utilised in more industries than it has not been. From being used to showcase off-market property listings, to being used as a fashion industry powerhouse for exposure and consumer communication branding, social media marketing seems to be making its mark everywhere. One industry that has recently felt the immense measures of success that come with well-executed social media marketing has been the entertainment industry.

At the heart of it, social media marketing is about giving people a sense of profound and innate personalisation in their experiences as a user online. Going into 2019, social media is tipped to be the leading driver (along with digital video) in driving growth in the entertainment industry. Between 2013 and 2017, social media revenues have grown at an incredible 27% each year. The whole concept of a film is to bring people together and allow for the widespread sharing of ideas and creative arcs. The entertainment industry had the good fortune to be growing at the same time as the introduction of technology was rising. The result of this was that television and entertainment could feed off the energy of social media, using it to propel its own growth.

For example, the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer gained over a million views in the first 23 minutes of it even being released to the public. Social media marketing was instrumental in this success. The reason why is simple. The magical studio behind the film’s success posted countless social media ads and updates on their profiles, and by the time the trailer was finally released, the build-up had caused a monumental wave of anxious, nervous excitement that bubbled over. All over the world, millions of avid Star Wars fans had been patiently waiting for the release of the trailer, and when it arrived they all surged to YouTube and Instagram to watch the first glimpse at the next evolution of the epic intergalactic series. When a video marketing campaign goes viral – much like ‘The Force Awakens’ did – there is no measure of just how big the reach will be, because it is practically limitless. Social media marketing allows for a universal audience to all have access at the very same time.

All marketing strategies have their faults, but social media marketing has persevered despite its shortcomings, making it a continuous roaring success in the marketing landscape. Before social media existed, word of mouth was the main driver for trailer success for films and television shows, as well as the airing of those films and television series themselves. As far as modern marketing goes, technological, digitally-enhanced strategies tend to be the big drivers of success for all industries these days. We are more inherently focused than ever on the excitement that culminates at the release of new films, songs, television series seasons, and games. Social media marketing is the single most effective and universal marketing tactic that any modern campaign can use to propel forward their idea and their vision.

Modern marketing rallies around the concept of immediate connection and imminent communication between users. The entertainment’s decision to take social media and use it as one of their key marketing tools in this modern era is a stroke of brilliant genius. While it often seems that the rest of the world is dabbling in social media marketing, the entertainment industry is one of the sectors that has the most potential for impact using social media marketing. When the very individuals who line up to watch the films and spend their time watching trailers are all on social media, the best way to reach them is through social media. It makes complete sense, and it is also one of the smartest ways to increase view count on entertainment junkets like trailer releases and bonus scene previews.

Social media marketing has proven itself to be a powerhouse for modern marketing strategies in industries all around the world. We have witnessed the steady rise of social media marketing in everything from fashion and business, to education and science. Now, the entertainment industry is taking note of the incredible potential and opportunities that could be available when using social media marketing as a key marketing tactic. In a world where we thrive off digitalisation and immediate connection, using social media marketing as a marketing strategy in entertainment is both genius and timely. Never has there been such an incredible sense of connection, and social media has played a massive role in that connection.