With 2019 on the horizon, many consumers and members of the tech fields are wondering what is next in social media. The social media realm is so saturated already with new features being released rapidly on a variety of social platforms. What is next in social media? Will the industry ever slow down? Here is what we can expect moving forward:

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular in all industries and social media is one of them. There are techies scheming how to incorporate artificial intelligence seamlessly into the social media field. We are seeing companies beginning to use bots more, which is a form of A.I. that has been around for a bit. We can expect to see an increase of A.I. into more than just chat bots on certain social media sites. What we are seeing currently in 2018 is more simple A.I. integration that includes facial recognition and other features.

A.I. is already integrated into social media and this won’t stop in the future. We can expect social media sites to get even better at facial recognition and knowing our patterns. 

Social media marketing and advertising are already alive and well. Developers at top social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are constantly working on their advertising platforms. As more and more companies move to these platforms with their advertising and marketing efforts, the costs will only become higher and higher.

With that being said, now is an opportune time to start advertising on social media. This will put your company ahead of competition that will be late to the game. The sooner you begin using these platforms, the more intuitive they become. This means you will be able to use them to your advantage before competition catches on. Social media knows our patterns better than anyone, so trusting them with your advertising money is a smart decision moving forward.

One of the first social media sites ever—Friendster—was designed to do what its name conveyed. It was a platform to meet people and connect with friends. This eventually lead to the creation of Facebook and MySpace. Since then, social media has in some ways grown into a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Social media sites, moving forward, will start trying to cater their platforms towards connecting with other humans better.

This is a need within the social media industry at the moment because there is a lack of personal connection for a lot of users. People are moving towards wanting more sincerity on social media platforms. It will be interesting to see what some sights come up with in 2019.

One surprising development is the required payments that some sites are beginning to require. This may not have been something used in the earlier days of social media. The platforms were vying for attention. But, with the rise in popularity of some sites, they are realizing that they can start charging people for certain features.

This will either turn audiences away or become extremely profitable. It will be interesting to see where the social media industry heads with the payment features. Also, with the rise of fintech, users are more comfortable paying for things online. There are companies providing security measures for payments that are becoming more and more popular. Some even use a credit card generator to attach your card to a fake number so that purchasing online is safe.

Content is always king—this won’t stop in the future. We will continue to see every day social media users get better and better at creating content. This will lead to more influencers and a wider variety of creative avenues for artists to express themselves through. Content creation is one sure side of social media that won’t slow down. Take a look at the apps out there that can give everyday social media users the ability to perfectly edit photos and videos in less than five minutes. Content is going to be produced by everyone at a higher level, which is overall positive.

Social media is going to accelerate further and further within all of these categories as we transition into 2019 and beyond. A great way to advance your company is to stay up to date on the upcoming trends and materials out there. Having a presence on social media is almost crucial to make a name for any individual or brand, so take what you will from it.