Social media has been around for so long now, that for those of us who grew up when the first pioneering social media platforms first came to fruition, it almost seems like it has been around forever. Initially a network of social communication platforms online, social media has blossomed to become so much more than that. Of course, social media is still the bread and butter for instantaneous global communication. That is not likely to ever change. but today social media is not just a personal and social communication network, but also a key business strategy. The evolution of social media as one of the modern world’s most prominent and influential innovations has been a bright, ever-growing one, and therefore there is a lot of consequential history to get through. Social media bonded us through enabling us to communicate with our loved ones, our inner circles, across vast oceans, and now it is opening a world of opportunities in the business universe, too. Social media has blossomed to become something both addictive and empowering, and there is no end in sight for the modern digital marvel.

Welcome to the world of social media marketing. When the first social media platforms came to fruition (think Myspace, Bebo, and Facebook, for example), people were cautiously intrigued. Such unadulterated social connection on a global scale had never been possible so instantaneously, and it was not long before people were hooked. As people spent more time invested in what was happening on their social media news feeds, and less time interacting and responding to the world around them in real-time, the traditional marketing strategies that businesses had used to successfully for years started to come undone. Businesses took notice. And in the last two years, we began to see the rise of social media as a modern digital marketing strategy. More than that, the power that social media marketing had has become so influential that it is now considered a key marketing strategy for businesses across all industries.

The power in social media marketing is in the fact that it allows consumers and businesses alike to have a real-time form of honest and open communication going always, and consumers feel more valued and heard as a result. This inevitably means that consumer trust and loyalty is exceedingly growing all the time, and businesses are stronger as well. A modern marketing multitool, social media is the height of personalised and structured advertising and marketing genius in this modern era. The digital age is all about efficiency and ease of access, and social media marketing is the epitome of both these ideals in advertising and marketing. When consumers (and the rest of the world, for that matter) are becoming increasingly focused on digitalisation and technological advancement, it makes all the sense in the world that a digital marketing tactic like social media marketing would become so influential.

And the advertising and marketing prospect does not just appeal to businesses either. Individuals use social media as a marketing tool for all kinds of reasons. Even students use social media as a marketing tool these days. It is not uncommon for students to sell things through social media marketplaces or their own personal accounts to get a bit of extra money in the bank. This is a quick and efficient way for students to sell things that they no longer use, getting something back in return for their marketing prowess. Students can also be on the other side of the transaction when they are in search of a student loan to fund that course they really wanted to study. They can utilise social media to search for the best provider of short term loans. Social media marketing is a modern marvel in advertising and marketing, and it is only going to go from strength to strength in the conceivable future. The world is becoming more and more digitally focused, even now, and so marketing strategies like social media marketing are only going to be further projected into the forefront of the marketing landscape on a global level.

Social media is one of the modern era’s most exciting, life-changing revolutions. We first experienced social media solely as a social communication network that spanned across various media platforms (think Myspace, Facebook, or even Bebo). Over time, as more and more people realised the advantages and benefits of having active social media accounts, social media blossomed to become something of a digital extension of the self. More and more, the average person was spending more of their time with their heads buried in their devices, investing in their virtual lives more than their real lives. It did not take long for businesses and even whole industries to take note of this, and so they began to use social media as a marketing strategy. In embedding their advertisements directly into the newsfeeds of both existing and prospective consumers, companies could drum up more consumer interest. Social media marketing turned out to be an incredible form of digital marketing, and here we are. Today, social media marketing is arguably the strongest marketing strategy.