Initially created to function as a foundation for instantaneously global social communication, social media has since flourished and thrived, expanding to encompass its initial function and so much more. This is a technological innovation that has changed the world in more than one aspect, and it is even continuing to do so today. In a landscape that is always changing, forever becoming more digitally-inclined with every passing day, this is no easy feat. And yet it is one that social media is achieving time and again, over and over. Since the dawn of its inception, social media has flourished and elevated to become a multitool for the ages. The world that we have come to know and love has been made possibly largely thanks to the evolution of social media. And it is an evolution that continues to propel itself ever forward, even as the rest of the world periodically slows down at times. This is just the beginning for social media, and it is a wild beginning at that.

Social media first burst into fruition when it was introduced as a seemingly limitless digital form of communication for social circles that spanned the world. Prior to the introduction of social media, individuals had to communicate via handwritten letter (time consuming and expensive), phone call (expensive), or by long-winded travel (time consuming and expensive). Social media allowed people for a new type of communication that cost them nothing more than their internet connections, and eventually their data connections on their smartphones too. People could communicate across vast oceans in seconds, and have a reply immediately too. Over time, this blossomed and expanded to include live video chat windows. Social media had introduced and put into immediate effect an international form of communication that was easier and more efficient than ever. It was life-changing, to say the least.

As well as serving as the leading global communication network in the world, social media eventually ballooned to become a platform for people to engage professionally. This meant that for instances where time was short, online communications were available to make people’s jobs and interactions easier, faster, and more reliable on all ends. Individuals could find and get assistance from professional PhD proposal writers for their graduating assessments at university. People could reach out to others via social media looking for interested candidates for upcoming work and positions. And then came the ultimate money move in business concerning the utilisation of social media. Social media is now also a marvel in modern marketing. Aptly called social media marketing, this was a marketing strategy that targeted consumers on the plains that they were most interested in – their own social media news feeds. It was a move that has resulted in social media marketing becoming a multi-million-dollar concept, and it has made businesses thrive and excel time and again.

Because of its diverse range of uses, social media has ultimately proven itself to be nothing less than an exhilarating wunderkind in a world that is always changing, forever shifting on its axis. Hailed as the ultimate digital age multitool, social media has proven its value time and again, and across various functions – a feat that is not at all easy to successfully accomplish. And it is continuing its reign of successes and privileges. There is no end in sight for this multitool, and why should there be? The more that our world becomes hinged on digitalisation and technological innovations, the more demand there will be for convenient communication platforms. Social media is the ultimate communication platform in the digital age, and it will likely continue to be for the foreseeable future. Advanced as we are as a species, the days of teleporting are a long way off yet (so far as we know). For now, social media is the most instantaneous and effective form of global communication – and so much more as well.

Social media has enjoyed a decidedly profound rise in the world we know today. Since it was first brought to fruition, social media has expanded to become not only a beacon for its initial purpose (instantaneous global communication), but a powerhouse for business and cultural communications, brand exposure, and even advertising and marketing (among other things). And while these innovations in its existence are impressive without a doubt, they are also the building blocks that, over time, will ultimately prove to be just the beginnings. Aptly dubbed as the ultimate digital age multitool, social media has made life convenient, efficient, and impressive in so many ways. This is a technological innovation that has proven its value time and again, and it is one that is continuing to improve and impress the world over. Today, social media is a powerhouse across industries and aspects of modern life, and it is going to be a wild ride to see where it takes us in the future.