When one considers all the technological advancements and further innovations that we have seen come to pass over the years, to say that there is a practically limitless number of them would be an understatement. And while each of these innovations have had their own specific impacts on the ways that we live in and experience the world around us, there are others that are definitively more influential on a broad, ongoing scale. For example, social media is one of the most influential technological innovations in recent history. First brought to life when the worldwide web became a mainstream global sensation of modern history, social media was initially created to serve as a digital network of global social communication channels. Of course, this is still its primary function, but these days there is so much more to social media than its initial design and intention. Today, social media is one of those rare innovations that has bloomed to expand, becoming a force in multiple functions. It is an exhilarating realisation, and it is one that is continuing to elevate with every passing day.

Aptly referred to often as the ultimate multitool of the digital age, social media has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity and relevance. In the beginning, the more that we became invested in social media, the less we engaged with certain aspects of the real world. We saw the world changing around us, and as we were more immersed in technological advancements and digitalisations, we became more invested in those advancements. Over time, people grew to become obsessed with their lives online, because this is where people could project the exact representation of themselves that we wanted to. People could literally control how the world saw them. When this continued to become more prominent, businesses even realised that the drop of off attention to their traditional marketing prospects was likely due to consumers’ increasing interest in their social media feeds. And this is where social media as a marketing strategy comes into play.

Social media is one of those rare feats of technological advancement that has gone on to be consistently and overwhelmingly successful not only in its initial purpose, but also across varying functions. In terms of becoming a digital marketing strategy, social media began to become a tactic that businesses used to place their products or services in direct eyesight of their consumers once again. The ultimate power of social media marketing is that consumers are spending an exceeding amount of their time online, and so social media marketing is the surest, most consistently successful way to keep businesses in the forefront of their target demographics’ minds. And when they are in the forefront of consumers’ minds, they are almost certainly guaranteed to get more exposure. Additionally, it is not just businesses and established industries that are now using social media marketing as a target marketing tactic.

Individuals are using social media as a marketing strategy for their personal belongings they want to sell, or even their small startup projects. With a private and personal audience demographic at their disposal, they can and do use their social media profiles to market what they hoped to sell or otherwise distribute. There is a market online for everything these days. Whether it is selling clothing on your social media channels to acquire the cash for automotive you need to buy a new vehicle, or using your social media as a platform to share your voice on matters of extreme importance to you, there is an element of social media marketing at play in practically every movement we make online. The entire concept of social media is to market a set representation to the world that we expose ourselves to, and so social media marketing is an astonishingly positive advertising and marketing strategy across the board.

Social media has been successful in global social communication, as well as professional connection, and even advertising and marketing (among other functions). Today, we live in a world where social media is a dominant force across the board – and especially in modern marketing strategising. In a world where we are all more obsessed with the online landscape than ever before, this is not much (if anything) of a surprise. The influence of social media marketing is felt every time we click into our social media apps or log in on our desktops or tablets. It is everywhere, and it is overwhelmingly successful at every turn. The measure of a successful digital marketing strategy is when it reaches people across various demographics, interested in differing industries, and living in different parts of the world. Social media marketing embodies all these traits, and it does it all so well. Social media marketing is the reigning digital marketing powerhouse of this era in digital history.