Technology has given the world many fantastic innovations. Throughout history, we have seen and experienced firsthand what we can create. Of all these technological marvels and digitalised innovations, social media is perhaps one of the most influential and multi-faceted of them all. Since the dawn of its inception, social media has proven itself to be successful in many rights. When social media platforms first began popping up, they were solely designed to be portals of global social connection. At first, there were people who thought that social media would be a fleeting trend, and nothing more. Of course, as time passed and social media became more and more popular until it was a mainstream worldwide phenomenon, those people were proven wrong. Over time, social media grew to become a facet of everyday life for many people, all of whom used it to try to stay present in their connections when they could not physically do so. More and more, social media became an obsession, until even businesses realised that consumers were no longer responding as well to their marketing strategies as they once did.

So, they started to test using social media as their marketing strategy. Aptly referred to as social media marketing, this is a form of marketing that uses social media as its foundation for brand exposure and consumer reach. Social media first became an opportunity for businesses to reach consumers on a whole other level when it became increasingly obvious that consumers were more invested in their social media representations, than they were in aspects of the genuine connection in the real world. When businesses began to take notice of this, they began to pilot social media as a possible marketing tool for the digital age, it became obvious quite quickly that modern consumers were different than previous generations, and this was exactly the type of marketing efforts that they responded most consistently and positively to.

So, businesses kept using social media as a marketing tactic. Somehow navigating the delicate line between personalisation and mass consumerism, social media marketing gives both businesses and consumers a unique portal of constant communication that benefits both parties in multiple ways. There is a market for anything online these days, from web design, to old furniture in virtual garage sales (and everything in between) and social media marketing does for this marketplace what so many other branches of marketing have not been able to achieve on a consistent basis: provide a global scale of exposure while keeping the relationship between business and consumer as personal as possible. This is obviously no easy feat, and for the businesses that have been able to successfully harness social media to make it happen for themselves – and their consumers – on a consistent level, it has been live-changing.

Consumers today want to feel important to the businesses they support, they want their opinions to matter and their loyalty to be valued. What social media does, is allow this to happen through various ways, including comments, messages, likes, Q&As, posts, and live videos. In all these formats, businesses can and do communicate honestly and openly with consumers, and vice versa. It has created a new level of trust and loyalty between the two parties, and it is the heart of what makes modern marketing so special. Consumers feel heard, understood, and valued, and businesses create a safe, happy, trusting environment and wholesome brand for their consumers to enjoy. Social media has been many things to many different people in many different parts of the world, during its time. We live in a world that is positively saturated in technological proficiencies and rapid paces in digitalisation. The surging advancement of these ideals has shaped the world to be what it is today, and there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon.

Technological advancement and rapidly scaling digitalisation have absolutely changed the entire world as we know it. This is an all-new level of brand loyalty and consumer reach. Social media is one brilliant example of how technological advancement has shaped the world. In short, social media introduced to the world a whole new frontier in global communication – one that was easier, faster, and more efficient, even reliable. As time passed, social media ballooned to become a key digital marketing strategy as well, and today it is arguably the most influential marketing strategy there is, making its rounds again and again and always proving its value. While some people believe that social media may be on the outs as a marketing tactic, recent history would suggest otherwise. In fact, if the stats of social media marketing are anything to go by, its reign is far from over. This is just the beginning for this marketing powerhouse.