Throughout our recent existence, we have been responsible for much of the world’s innovations and evolutions. We have created the current world that we enjoy precisely as we wanted it, and the result is that we are positively surrounded by more technological innovation than we have ever been before. Each of the innovations and evolutions we have brought to life have been fundamentally important and life-changing in their own way. However, of all the technological innovations of our history, the introduction and mainstream evolution of the internet has arguably given us more than any other innovation, on a consistent and constant basis. When it was first established, social media was designed solely to be a series of platforms that forged a network of collective and individualistic social communication portals online. Now, social media has expanded to become so much more than just its original ideation. Today, we use social media for so much more than keeping our social circles instantaneously convenient and efficient.

When technological influence brewed into global convenience and influence, it did not take long before consumers began to lean on technological advancements and digitalisations more and more. It was not very long before consumers were positively reliant on digitalisation in practically every way. People began to clock out of real life and spend more time investing in their online lives (i.e. their representations via their social media profiles). Everyone became absolutely obsessed with making their online lives seem perfect, that they were disassociating from real life in every way possible – including socially. When the marketplace started to realise that the dip in response and reach of their traditional marketing strategies was due to the shift in consumers’ attention, they started to formulate a plan to win back the attention of their consumers. And when consumers’ attention is trained on their social media news feeds, why not use social media as a marketing strategy?

So, this is precisely what businesses began doing. As with any new type of strategising, it took some trial and error, of course, but ultimately social media marketing proved to be an overwhelming success. Never had consumers relished contact with brands, found it so easy, so relatable. And businesses had never noticed such an astronomical shift in consumer interest before. The power in social media marketing was in the constant accessibility it gave consumers to the brands they loved, and vice versa. Businesses had new connections with their consumers, and in real time too. From live videos, new posts, comments, likes, and messages, businesses were able to give consumers the connection they craved. And consumers never felt so included, so much a part of the brand as they suddenly did. Social media marketing was a wunderkind, and it was changing the game forever.

Today, social media marketing is the latest iteration of the platforms, and it has proven to also be the most influential of its time. These days, you can market anything on social media. Whether it be your standard or specialised promotional products or codes, or the services or products of a business, there is a market for it. This is the nature of the modern marketplace. Modern consumers value convenience, efficiency, and speed more than anything else these days. This is not new news. But what is relatively new is the incredible reach and connection that social media marketing has allowed modern businesses to have with their consumers, effectively catapulting them into longevity and success for the foreseeable future (pending a few other moving pieces, of course). Social media first changed the world when it provided us with instantaneous global communication, and it has changed the world again by becoming the leading digital marketing strategy of its time.

Social media has had something of a meteoric rise since the dawn of its inception. While it was initially designed with nothing more than instantaneous global social communication in mind, over the years it has ballooned to become so much more than its original design. When the rise of the digital age first kicked into high gear, people were busier than ever. The aim of digitalisation and all the technological innovations that came with it, was then to make life easier for the many people. When it became obvious that people were also disconnecting from real life and clicking into their social media newsfeeds more, the marketplace and the businesses that formed it realised that there could be an opportunity there. And so, they took it. The result has been the burst of social media marketing that keeps on giving, and it is continuously proving to be an incredible source of value for businesses and even entire industries alike. As has always been the case, consumers control the success of any business, and so having instantaneous access to them via a marketing prospect like social media marketing is invaluable.