Social media has enjoyed something of a meteoric evolution. Initially designed to be a network of digital platforms for strictly social communication, the introduction of social media changed the face of communication on a global level. Up until this point, people had to either sent letters the old-fashioned way, or pay a crazy dollar amount to place a call overseas. When social media first erupted onto the scene, people were amazed at the convenience, the instantaneous nature of it all. And in the following years, social media ballooned to become not only a social communication network, but a business connection tool. The more that people loved and used social media, the more obvious it became that it could become a leading business strategy – and it has. These days, social media marketing can be used to advertise and market for everything. From professional fleet management, to the latest ad campaign behind-the-scenes takes for an up-market fashion label, social media is a prime digital marketing strategy. The world has become increasingly digitally-inclined, and social media has risen to the occasion – in more than one facet of modern life.

Social media was originally created as a network of individual but communal social communication platforms. First introduced over ten years ago now, social media was a revolution. Changing the face of global communications forever, social media opened an entirely new world of opportunity to us all. There was awe and wonder in suddenly being able to communicate instantaneously across oceans, and it is this magic that captured the hearts and minds of individuals the world over. As social media became more mainstream, more and more people began to make profiles. The more profiles there were, the more consistent activity on these platforms there was. And it has taken some time, but we are now at the point where individuals are using social media so much that it has become exceedingly obvious that businesses should be clocking into its power and using it as a marketing strategy. If the attention of consumers is more invested in their social media platforms, then the attention of businesses the world over should be in making themselves visible on these media platforms. And so, it is.

Aptly named social media marketing, this is the digital marketing tactic that has taken the worldwide marketplace by storm. More than ever before, businesses are cluing in and creating social media profiles to connect with their consumers on all-new levels. Today, social media marketing is all about bridging communication gaps between businesses and consumers, and giving them the opportunity to communicate in real-time with one another. This has effectively put businesses in the forefront of consumers’ minds, as well as giving them the chance to connect, respond, and engage with consumers through live videos, behind-the-scenes footage, comments, likes, and private messages. The thrill in this for consumers is that they feel connected and a part of the family of the businesses they give their loyalty and attention to. As for the businesses themselves, the appeal is in creating and firmly maintaining strong bonds with consumers, which in turn creates a positive representation of the business. This obviously draws in more and more consumers over time.

From social connection to business strategising, social media has been the foundational component that has given rise to success stories across transitioning eras. The underlying appeal in social media is its inherent ability to allow and personify personalisation on all fronts. Whether it is social and personal communications, or business marketing strategising (or anything in between), social media has had an incredible impact, and continues to do so to this day. The rise of social media as a social connection network of platforms, to one of the world’s leading digital marketing strategies in 2019, has been nothing short of incredible. This is a technological innovation that was designed to serve one purpose, and ultimately ended up serving multiple, all at once. It is an incredible feat to achieve, and it is something that has firmly established and cemented down social media’s position in not only this era, but the upcoming tech age that is entirely dependent on tech and digitalisation. We have never been as connected as we are right now, and social media is very much to thank for that.

The magic in the introduction of social media in its beginning was that it took the waiting out of global communication. In allowing people to send and receive messages instantaneously across oceans, social media firmly established its place and its value in an increasingly digital world. Today, social media has ballooned to become so much more than what it was originally designed to be. Not only a social communication network, but also a business strategy, social media has managed to do what so many digital innovations have not been able to successfully achieve: branch out to encompass more than one facet of demand. Today, social media is a social connection tool, a marketing wunderkind, and a collective global voice box for important issues and topics of conversation. Social media is a digital multitool for the world, and it has been extraordinary in its motions and elevations. And better yet? The evolution is far from over, leading everyone to ask just what is next for the digital multitool we all know and love. One thing is certain: no matter what it is, it is sure to be exciting.