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There is seldom an aspect or an industry of modern life that has not been positively transformed in the wake of widespread digitalisation and technological advancement. The world we live in has been shaped and fine-tuned by the vast streaks of digital enlightenment and technological savvy that we ourselves are responsible for bringing to fruition. All of them are undoubtedly precious in their own right, but perhaps none are as instrumental in this digital age as the introduction and further advancement of blockchain. Initially designed as a fundamental mainframe for cryptocurrency Bitcoin, blockchain has evolved exponentially, changing the digital age and making it more secure in the process. The fact is that we entrust more and more of ourselves and our important (and often sensitive) information to the digital landscape when we spend more time online. Blockchain is the most effective protective barrier between our activity and information, and the parties who mean to take it and use it to their advantage.

Over time, a wealth of information is compiled about our activity online, and thus ourselves, and we become vulnerable as a result. But thanks to the global blockchain movement, we are seeing and reaching new heights in online privacy and security. The whole point of blockchain operations are that they are decentralised in nature. Essentially, blockchains are created by a series of computer systems. This means that there is no single server or program to hack, and it makes it virtually impossible for these systems to be infiltrated or changed in any fundamental way. Of course, there is no certifiable way to ensure 100%, 24/7, that one is protected online, but blockchain is the single most successful innovation in providing that protection and, for the most part, people do not tend to experience any tell-tale signs of hacker activity or other potential online security risks. And the best part is that blockchain is big and powerful now, but it is only going to continue to become more so over time.

The digital world is becoming more decentralised by the minute, and the power (and potentially the danger) in that is that it essentially creates an impenetrable wall between individuals trying to protect themselves online, and the people trying to hack into their online systems to steal their sensitive information from them. While it would be nice to live in a world where hackers and the like do not exist, this is not the case. So, we must be active and consistent with protecting ourselves and our activities, and blockchain is the best way to do that. The more time that we spend online, the more information that we enter into the digital stratosphere, the more vulnerable we are to online threats and security issues. It is an essential part of the nature of the modern world (as it is with many other aspects of life), that with demand of resources, comes supply – and not always in the most positive of ways.

The more time and information that we spend entering in the digital landscape, the bigger and more valuable the wealth of information accumulating in the digital space becomes. That is how it works. What many of us need to realise and be more actively aware of, is that every time we go online, we put ourselves at risk. Using blockchain takes the pressure off by encrypting back-to-back all information we put into the digital space, and storing it across several computer systems. This makes it more difficult – even near-impossible (if not entirely impossible) – for malicious intentions to penetrate any and all protective measures installed. Whether it is sensitive information surrounding the latest promotional products out of a company, or online account information, or even education or health records, blockchain can be – and is beginning to be – used as a means for literal protection in an online space.

In a world that is positively saturated in accomplishments in digitalisation and technological proficiency, it is safe to say that we have become all too comfortable, even reliant, on these feats of digital marvel. Each innovation in digitalisation, each wave of technological prowess, has brought with it an all-new frontier in digital efficiency. Arguably the most effective of them all is the introduction and further ongoing advancement of blockchain technology. Blockchain was initially designed as a central functioning aspect of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, however its successes proved to have potential not only in that world, but outside of it as well. Fast forward to present day, and blockchain is an innovative system that is used in the online landscape to instil heightened privacy and security tenfold. Thanks to the encrypted nature of blockchain, people can feel more secure in their online activities. This is just the beginning for blockchain, but it sure is a strong beginning.