Now that we live in the age of digital domination, it is no surprise that digitalisation has found its way into every aspect of modern life, every nook and cranny. In the world of business and the global marketplace, digital and technological advancement have found their way in through the likes of many instances. Perhaps surprisingly, digital marketing is considered the most influential of them all (for the most part, anyway). Digital marketing is the modern iteration of its former traditional marketing, and it has revolutionised the way that we put out and receive advertising and marketing efforts tenfold. In digital marketing, there is a newfound way of bringing new frontiers to the world of advertising and marketing; this way is one that is successfully utilised to connect to modern consumers and industries far more efficiently in this modern world. 

Digital marketing has proven its value time and again, and now it is finding itself drawn into fresh iterations that are helping it to build itself up. Having already been at the top of the game for a while now, digital marketing is securing its crown and continuing to prove why it is such a prominent force in the modern age (and going into the future, for that matter). Companies like Local Digital are dedicated to helping businesses to navigate the ever-shifting landscape of digital marketing and general business strategising. And then there is the introduction of technological powerhouse blockchain. In essence, blockchain is essentially a decentralised network of devices that serves as the foundation for data movement, storage, sending, and receiving.

Through blockchain, private and sensitive information can be stored in a way that is practically impenetrable. This is possible because blockchain does not run off a single server, but rather a network of multiple devices that work collaboratively and individually to form the basis of the network that all this data flows through and is stored on. The data inputs (i.e. the blocks) are linked together as new ones are created (forming a chain). When someone tries to change the data that is already part of the blockchain, all devices must verify it. If even one of them cannot, that information is rejected and the blockchain remains untouched. In this way, blockchain is the ultimate in digital privacy and security.

When one considers what the decentralised motion that is blockchain is all about, perhaps one of the last models of application one would consider for it would be digital marketing. And yet, here we are. While blockchain is still amid an evolutionary stage that is still shifting into place, it has already begun to make big moves. Digital marketing has increased competition in ecommerce time and again, but that movement has also come with concentrated traffic to a few select sites and advertising networks. Blockchain could change all this, by essentially removing the middleman from the entire operation. Users could engage in smart contracts directly with the other parties, rather than having to go through the middleman that is a key operative in traditional marketing approaches. And then there is the case of what blockchain can do for digital marketing in terms of transparency.

The digital age has introduced a modern iteration of practically every component of everyday life, and in the case of digital marketing, there are multiple strands that pull from the one component (that key component being, of course, marketing). Despite being secure to the core, blockchain ledgers are also quite transparent. Every transaction that happens over the blockchain is available to the masses to view, with the blockchains themselves being near impossible to erase. Using blockchain in digital marketing will allow digital marketers access to far more data via clicks and engagement with an ad than they have ever had. This would inevitably lead to the availability or more data. And, after all that, blockchain networks allow for stronger security of the marketing compounds than ever, as well as increased privacy. That is the nature of blockchain, at the end of the day; to protect and secure.

In the digital age, it is not at all surprising that we have come to be comfortable, even familiar with modern iterations that introduce digitalisation and technological advancement as their core foundations, their driving forces. In the landscape of business and the global marketplace, that digital and technological influence comes in the form of digital marketing. While of course digital marketing has made its impact time and again in many successful ways across the board, we now reach a juncture where it is impressive, but could be better, stronger, more capable, more secure. And that is where blockchain comes into play. Through blockchain, digital marketing is slowly but surely becoming more efficient, more reliable, more private, and more secure. Through blockchain, digital marketing is finding its footing in a new digital era, and it is dominating already.