Since the dawn of its inception, social media has enjoyed a steady evolution as the world’s most successful and widely utilised international network for global communications. In recent history, that evolution has taken a new turn, not only strengthening as its original intention, but expanding to introduce innovations in modern business strategies that are changing the way that we think of and do business. These days, modern businesses are the ones that are always pivoting their concepts and ideals towards the expectations and needs of the modern consumer. Thanks to the ongoing rise of innovation online, consumers are more invested in the online landscape than they are in the real world around them. In fact, it is a rise that continues to flourish and thrive, even despite the fact that so much about this new era is still up in the air. 

And at the centre of much of that consumer interest online, is social media and all its constructs and innovations. Social media has always been immensely successful in and of itself, and it continues to become more so all the time. Social media marketing is not necessarily a fresh concept, but there are exciting and new innovations coming to light from its reaches all the time. It is for this reason that it has proven itself to be the ultimate multitool of the digital era. Social media today is about communication and business prowess, and this is how it has created the incredible reputation that it has successfully curated over the years. At the core, social media marketing is all about professionally and successfully balancing between achieving personalisation and harbouring widespread expansion and consumer reach. 

The most successful businesses today are the businesses that harness social media marketing as the powerhouse it is, while understanding exactly how and why they are going to incorporate social media marketing as a key business strategy. It can be a challenging balance to strike, but once it has been successfully acquired, it can and often goes prove to be a gold mine in modern business longevity and success. Consumers today love to feel valued and part of the business, and social media marketing allows that to be their reality. Because of this increased interest in the online landscape, businesses who had been successfully flourishing for decades were suddenly finding themselves losing their footing. 

When they started to realise that this misstep was because their consumers’ expectations and interests were now exceedingly becoming focused on the digitalisation of the world. So, the smart businesses changed their strategies. They began to utilise digital marketing concepts, in the hope of regaining that strong consumer relationship they once harboured. It took a little while, but it worked, and believe it or not, social media has proven to be the leading digital marketing strategy in the world. This is not exactly a surprise; after all, consumers these days spend more and more time updating their social media accounts and browsing through their feeds, than ever. Businesses saw this, and capitalised on it. It proved to be a genius move. Today, the most successful businesses are the ones that make use of social media marketing (among other digital marketing strategies, of course). 

These days, social media has ballooned to become the leading digital marketing strategy in the world. There is a place in the social media marketing landscape for every type of business there is. Whether your company is a group of custom home builders dedicated to bringing peoples’ dream homes to life, or an automotive manufacturer looking to introduce the latest and greatest automotive models to the industry (or any other manner of businesses and industries, for that matter), social media marketing works. From implementing targeted ads throughout users’ news feeds, to staying in real-time contact through live videos, posts, messages, likes, and competition draws, businesses can and do capitalise on the excitement and personalisation that social media marketing offers them. 

Social media has been an incredibly powerful and successful innovation since it was first introduced all those years ago as an international network of platforms designed to initiate and revolutionise international communications. In the years since, social media has become more and more popular with users the world over, to the point that there is a definitive level of attention and effort that goes into social media that was never there before. Now, social media is the leading frontier in terms of where modern consumers’ attention goes. Businesses have realised this, and have made it a point to implement social media marketing into their business models. Social media marketing allows companies to establish an unparalleled level of communication with their consumers, and that is its power. In this digital era, social truly the multitool of the age. And it is just getting started; the best is yet to come.