Social science is one of the most sought-after subjects of all time, mainly because of its scope and significance that never lose relevance over the years.

A survey conducted by the British Council involving participants from leadership and management positions revealed that more than half of them had an undergraduate degree in social science. (Source)

Social science has always played an integral part in global issues, and for those who wish to do something for humanity, this is the ideal career choice. The good news is that there are plenty of reputable universities in Australia that offer courses in social science. If you wish to pursue an undergraduate program in this field, you might even be eligible for Centrelink loans to enroll at a university of your choice.

But before that, if you need some validation about your choice of subject, here are the top advantages of studying social science.

1. Specialize in one subject or combine degrees

Under the umbrella of the social science stream there lays a plethora of subjects including the history of archaeology and art, social anthropology and social studies. As many social sciences share a group of subjects, most universities allow students to take up 2 or more subjects thereby customizing their learning experience. 

Here are some of the subjects you can take up together if you have the interest to learn more:

  • Social anthropology

Also known as the science of humanity, you can study a ton of exciting subjects under it, from history and linguistics to sociology and physiology. 

  • Politics and international relations

This is one of the social sciences degrees which are offered jointly. The ones who hold a knack to know how government functions and the way countries interact professionally should go for this subject. 

  • Law

Studying this subject would make you eligible to start your career in the legal sector. Even if you are not considering making your way as a lawyer you can study this subject if you want to learn human and intellectual elements. 

2. Acquire a highly versatile skillset  

The skills you will gain and nurture during your university days would make you completely fit for your workplace. Here are the skills you are expected to achieve, in case you are wondering:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Impressive emotional intelligence
  • Skill to research and present things impeccably. 
  • Ability to understand when changes come in society
  • Ability to argue debates effectively by presenting valid points

3. Gain knowledge that will influence society

Apart from preparing you for upcoming challenges and problems in the future, social sciences help you to extract insights that would guide you in your everyday life. As your degree allows you to focus on both societal challenges and issues faced by individuals surviving within society, you have that confidence and knowledge to solve real-world issues. 

The best thing about studying social science is that you can make your career in any sector like teaching, human resources, insurance, law, and accountancy too… the knowledge is not only adaptable but also relevant across industries and ages.