Seeking participants for audio-olfactory study


We are recruiting participants for a study investigating how sound might affect the perception of aromas. If you participate, you will listen to a number of music/sounds and smell up to 15 aromas, about which you will be asked a series of questionnaire-based questions. The experiment will take no more than 2 hours and include regular rest breaks.

The study is being conducted by the multimedia artist, Jo Burzynska as part of her PhD research at UNSW Art & Design at a Culture at Work Art-Science residency. Participants will be given the opportunity to experience the audio-olfactory work that results from the research at a later date.


Important: To take part in this study you must be aged over 18; not have or have had any olfactory or auditory dysfunction; are not currently experiencing a cold or flu-like symptoms; have not experienced any allergic reactions when inhaling perfumes; are prepared to listen to a number of sound and smell up to 15 aromas; feel comfortable with smelling a small number of harmless unpleasant aromas and are not a perfume professional/trained perfumier. In addition, we ask that you do not to wear any fragrances on the day of the sessions.


Date: Thursday 19th July

Time: 7-9pm

Venue: Culture at Work, 6-8 Scott St Pyrmont NSW 2009