Deadline for abstract submission: Monday 17th December 2018

Abstracts are invited for chapters in an anthology exploring the roles of archival practices and archives in the production of time and temporal relations in the 21st Century. Arkive City 2.0: Tracing Time in the Network Ages is planned for release in mid 2020. It will feature 18 chapters and 3 visual essays organised into sections on “Technology”, “Culture”, and “Time”.

Technologies of speed, extraction and compression characterise ‘the Network Ages’, enabling people, (life)forms, materials, ideas and information to be created, circulated, consumed, wasted, stored and lost in new ways and at new rates. In response to the multiple and emerging temporalities of network reality, Arkive City 2.0 is distinct in moving forward to explore the 21st Century roles of archives as producers, mediators, preservers and erasers of time. The proposal of an arkive (sic) ‘City 2.0’ creates a conceptual vehicle through which to explore the relevance of the polis and the citizen, and beyond this the nature of agency, in the archival field of contemporary life. The anthology will bring together a diverse and international body of thinking on the impact and the potential of changes in archival practices for the construction of memories, histories, and experiences of the present. Crucially, the publication will consider how the human production of time through archives and archiving is now intimately linked to the shaping of collective futures for the human species and the more-than-human world.

The publication will consider proposals from the breadth of (inter)disciplinary areas relevant to the current field of time studies, including: philosophy, (bio)politics, social sciences, (art)history and contemporary art/curating, cultural and media theory, geography, physics, and ecology. The anthology is targeted at scholars, researchers, artists and creative/practitioners, as well as an informed and curious general readership.

Themes of particular interest
These include, but are not limited to, archives/archiving in relation to: deep time; ecology; new materialisms; (post)conflict contexts (Africa, Balkans, Middle East, Latin & South America); national, pan-national and post-national contexts; social class; cultures of the commons and hacking; big data; quantum science and computing.

Submission details
*Please email an abstract (300-400 words, Word or Pdf) to the editor, Dr. Julie Louise Bacon, using the subject heading ‘Arkive City 2.0 Proposal’. The abstract should outline your topic, argument, key research questions and scholarly references, and include your name, current affiliation (where relevant), and contact details.
*Indicate the section of the anthology that you consider most relevant to your proposal: “Technology”, “Culture”, or “Time”.
*Attach a short biography (200 words) and CV (2-3 pages, Word or Pdf) that includes any relevant weblinks.

Potential contributors are welcome to get in touch with queries about possible topics prior to abstract submission.

Deadline for abstract submission: Monday 17th December 2018
Notification of acceptance: Monday 14th January 2019
Full chapter draft (around 6000 words) deadline: 21st July 2019

Contact Info:
Dr. Julie Louise Bacon, publication editor.
UNSW Art & Design, Sydney, Australia
Contact Email: