Developing Cloud Curriculum in Art and Science workshop


DATE: 7th December Friday

TIME:  4pm  – 7pm


LOCATION: MutaMorphosis, Prague


Associate Professor Paul Thomas, CRASH, College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales;

Professor Mike Phillips, i-DAT, Plymouth University;



‘So what would a “Art Science Cloud Curriculum” be in the face of networked culture?’

Building from  the meeting at  Copenhagen in November 2012 the Leonardo Educational and Arts Forum (a working group of Leonardo ® /ISAST), Art Science Cloud Curriculum workshop will generate and build an internationally recognised and Leonardo endorsed art and science cloud curriculum course outline. The workshop outcome would be a curriculum that could become a benchmark of what we see as quintessentially important to engage in the world of research at the core of Art/Science.

This workshop is established in collaboration with the research being developed for the SEAD curriculum white paper and STEAM. The proposed workshop would be able to define and construct an actual sample curriculum that would be placed on the art sci cloud curriculum wiki under a creative commons license.

The workshop would happen in real-time with invited collaborators at two significant events in 2012;

MutaMorphosis: Tribute to Uncertainty CIANT – Prague CIANT from December 6, December 8, 2012. MutaMorphosis II should therefore be contextualised in a world undergoing a complete mutation, jolting at all its points of articulation, whether political, economic, diplomatic, geographic, ecological, technological or communicative.


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