The campus of the University of Central Asia is in Naryn, a town about 4.5 hours’ drive south of Manas International Airport in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Naryn has a range of very reasonably-priced accommodation listed below.. Check out the attractions of Naryn and its region in this AMAZING VIDEO produced by UCA’s Nursultan Stanaliev.

Naryn Town. Image by Pmelton87.


Khan Tengri Hotel: 

Single – 21 USD

Grand Khan Tengri Hotel

Single room – 38 USD

Double room –  48 USD

Aska Hotel

Single room – 14 USD

Note: breakfast is included in the room rate.

Intourist Hotel: 

Single/Double rooms – 14 including breakfast/ 11USD  without breakfast

Datka Guest House:

Single room – 11 USD