Workshop Moderators:

Paul Thomas (Professor of Fine Art, Director Studio of Transdisciplinary Research, UNSW Sydney) and Mike Phillips,, Plymouth UK)

The workshop moderators would like to invite you to participate on Monday 21st August, in Plymouth, UK, in the international STEAM workshop.

Paul Thomas’s edited notes from the International STEAM workshop groups

Studio for Transdisciplinary Arts Research (STAR), The Leonardo Education and Arts Forum (a working group of Leonardo ® /ISAST), the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT) and Institute of Digital Art & Technology (i-DAT) are collaborating together following on from other successful international education event-initiatives. In collaboration with Balanced/Unbalanced 2017 we are organising an international steam workshop. We are organising this workshop building on previous events in sustainability, transdisciplinarity, post media assimilation, art and science cloud curriculum, linked to a developing body of knowledge in the area of Science, Technology, Art, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) and Science, Engineering, Art and Design (SEAD).

Panel members

Mike Stubbs: Director/CEO of FACT, the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology

Lucia Arias: YP & Learning Manager FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology)

Roger Malina: Professor Arts and Technology Distinguished Chair Dallas, USA

Laura Beloff: Associate Professor, IT University of Copenhagen

Edward Shanken: Associate Professor, Arts Division, UC Santa Cruz

The workshop panel members will encourage participants, scholars, artists, scientists and theorist in the area of STEAM by stimulating discussion, suggesting, critiquing and creating aims, attributes, readers and practice that should be undertaken to produce an international quintessential set of considerations. Each panel member will have 10 mins to develop a set of provocations that will stimulate discussion around the 3 themes.

  1. Create aims and outcomes for the role of art in developing a global STEAM vision that could act as an agent in the cloud.
  2. Explore shift needed to take place in art education in order to explore the new realities of the evolving reorganization of practice, research and knowledge.
  3. Define the role of education in the age of uncertainty and sustainability through the agency of art, sciences and humanities. Proposing non-normalising or non-normative standards for judging the success of artistic outcomes distinct from the metrics of the STEM environment.

Workshop structure:

  1. Introduction by moderators 10mins
  2. Presentation by panel members on their selected theme 50mins
  3. Breakout discussions – 3 groups – 1 hour
  4. Summary of group findings and general discussion 1 hour

The workshops will build on previous Leonardo Education and Art Forum: Transdisciplinary workshop.