Pera Museum, Meşrutiyet Caddesi No.65 

Tepebaşı – Beyoğlu – İstanbul

Date: June 26, 27, 28 2014

‘Cloud and Molecular aesthetics’


The Third Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference at the intersections of art, science and culture invites you to three stimulating days were acclaimed professionals including curators, historians, creative arts practitioners, critics and theorists explore transdisciplinary imaging relating to the theme of cloud and molecular aesthetics. Clouding occurs when information becomes veiled, foggy, fuzzy, obscure or secretive, or when it condenses, blooms and accretes into atmospheres of chaotic turbulence and pressure vectors, into tidal flows and storms. The cloud also is a new formation of data as a global and seemingly immaterial distribution of storage and means of retrieval. This data cloud exists everywhere and yet is nowhere in particular. As with the protocols of bit torrent files, the cloud provides a new concept of sound and image “assembly”, distinct from and beyond the materialist machinic diagrams and the practices of re-mixing or remediation that became characteristic of late twentieth-century and millennial aesthetics. The cloud is not an object but an experience and its particles are the very building blocks of a molecular aesthetic in which we live and act.

The third international conference on transdisciplinary imaging at the intersections of art, science and culture is seeking papers that focus on…

  • What is the new objectification of the imaged world based around?
  • What are the aesthetic and artistic – the theoretical and the practical – implications of this new topography of data?
  • What alternative idioms exist to critically consider imagery and image making?
  • What is our contemporary understanding of clouding, assembly and camouflage in a post material age?
  • How does the cloud phenomenon precipitate thinking about new ways of curating, publishing and configuring modes of engagement?

The aim of the conference is to bring together artists, theorists , scholars, scientists, historians and curators.

The conference invites papers that respond to the above provocation in areas related to: Media Arts, Painting, Drawing, Curating  Installation, Film, Video, Photography, Computer Visualization, Real-time Imaging, Intelligent Systems and Image Science.

Participants were asked to consider one of the following areas in their abstract:

  • Expanded image
  • Remediated image
  • Hypermediacy
  • Expanded film
  • Imaging science
  • Computer Vision
  • Networked Image
  • Immersion
  • Speculative realism


Keynote speakers

Prof. Anne Balsamo (The New School), Dr Ljiljana Fruk (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Dr. Jussi Parikka (Winchester School of Art) and Darren Tofts(Swinburne University).


Timing and Duration

Conference will be held over three days from June 26, 27, 28 2014.


Conference Organisational Structure

Conference chairs Associate Professor Lanfranco Aceti,  Dr Edward Colless, and Associate Professor Paul Thomas

Conference Organizers: Conference Directors –Laura Fisher, Ozden Sahin   Conference Manager – Jonathan Munro


Conference Organising Institutions


Conference Committee:

Michele BARKER :: Brogan BUNT :: Vince DZIEKAN :: Donal FITZPATRICK :: Petra GEMEINBOECK :: Julian GODDARD :: Ross HARLEY :: Martyn JOLLY :: Leon MARVELL :: Daniel MAFE :: Anna MUNSTER :: Mark TITMARSH :: Darren TOFTS :: Oliver Watts ::

International Conference Committee:

Jens Hauser :: Ann Ring Petersens :: Mike Phillips :: Morten Søndergaard

International conference partners:



The conference series is supported by thirteen prominent Australian art schools partnering to focus on questions of the transdisciplinary image;

Australian National University; Curtin University; Deakin University; Monash University; Queensland College of Art; Gold Coast Griffith University; Queensland University of Technology; Swinburne University; Sydney College of the Arts; University of Sydney; University of Technology Sydney; University of Wollongong; University of New South Wales; Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.