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Posted by on April 23rd, 2010 · Uncategorized

Hey I can’t put my flash files (.swf) on here, but if someone can help me please tell me 🙂

Otherwise you can access two version of my game on http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~nsch392.

The only difference between the two versions are the visual representation of the sunburn gauge.

I know it is incomplete but have a play around, any feedback would be great

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  • malcolmr

    You generally can’t embed flash in WordPress without special plugins. We could ask for them to be installed if you want.

    A few notes on your game:
    1) The target too difficult to hit. Even with the crosshairs, I found it very hard to find. With my eyes closed, it was virtuall impossible to locate the right spot to dig. You need some indicator that you have hit exactly the right place (a different noise would be good).

    2) The game needs to be played full-screen, or else the non-sighted person will not be able to tell when the cursor leaves the window.

    3) While I prefer the version without the thermometer, death at the end can take you a bit too much by surprise. You should have some indicator (both aural and visual) that you are about to die. This will also increase the drama.

    4) You should emphasise the tradeoff between staying out in the sun and returning to the kiosk more. If you had more, smaller ‘finds’, then coordinating the order you investigated them could be more interesting.

    5) You could have different kinds of finds too: small change, a gold watch, tinfoil…

    6) I’d also consider having several pages of beach to explore, with different aural backdrops (the seagull area, the kiosk area, by the water, by the traffic, etc)

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