ENMA posts

It is interesting to me how from the early experiments in telecommunications that media artists had been involved in exploring, have now come to forefront of everyday life.
In the early 80’s I was in Perth (the most  isolated city in world) Australia, through visiting artists from Tom Klinkowstein and Roy Ascott , I’d discovered the ARTEXT network which enabled me to connect to a different dimension through the collapsing of physical space.
The ENMA has an interesting role to play in sharing with the community the story of the media artists role in exploring human interfaces with technologies.
 I am keen to focus on the artists voice, seeking in-depth overviews of the area from the perspective of your own practice, but importantly in regard to the context of issues identified around individual themes. Who were the artists, academics, peers, theorists, technicians and facilitators that were influencing your practice and the problems you encountered with the ever-changing aesthetics and technological landscape?