In Medi Terraneum 2012

International Festival of Simultaneous Video Art
29, 30 November and 1 December


This Call for Projects is held within the framework of the third annual In Medi Terraneum International Fes- tival of Simultaneous Video Art, which will be held in Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Italy and Greece on 29 and 30 November and 1 December 2012.

A total of 5 works will be selected, representing each of the participating countries in 2012 and they will be on exhibit throughout the three day festival. On the closing day, a VJ and DJ session will be held in Intermediae Matadero-Madrid which may include fragments of said artworks comprising a hybrid piece. This session will be broadcast via live streaming at the venues in Uruguay, Argentina, Italy and Greece.

Submitted works should include at least one of the following theme areas:

1. Including errors within the creative process. Success oriented environments tend not to provide a necessary space for error as part of the process of learning and discovering one’s own limits. Automatically equating errors with failure probably lies at the root of many fears that arise upon beginning any work with relatively uncontrollable variables, such as all artistic work, which also greatly exposes creators to outside judgement. Our aim is to reclaim the value of errors, admitting them and incorporating them into our work naturally, as a necessary part of all processes of improvement.

2. Creation based on collaborative practices and collective intelligences. All intellectual, scientific, artistic and technical work is fed by prior references, codes and knowledge which in one way or another are available to be reinterpreted, reused and remixed, as a starting point for the creation of something new. Nothing is created out of an absolute vacuum, not even a work that is considered brilliant and unique. It’s not about trying to eliminate the concept of originality but rather, giving back to society through the work we make, in return for the knowledge it has offered us.

Participants must be citizens or residents of any of the organizing countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, Greece), with no age limit.

Please check complete guideline in the website

For additional clarification, questions or suggestions, we suggest you contact:

Argentina: Federico Allocco
Uruguay: Martina Capó
Spain: Maura Sánchez
Italy: Fabrizio Silvestre
Greece: Elena Lamprou