THE SOCIAL is the title of the 4th International Association for

Visual Culture Biennial Conference (IAVC2016@Boston) held at Boston
University September 29, 30 and October 1, 2016. The conference
IAVC2016@Boston invites international collaborations, papers and
events on post-democracy, post-society, anger, violence, future
visions, crisis, zombie democracies, social media, neo-slavery,
post-capitalism, post-data, social evolution, revolution, actions,
post-state, interventionism, cannibalizing corporativism,
post-colonialism, economic vampirism, neo-serfs, globalized thievery,
art activism, red art, insurrectional art and social exploitation.

More information and the call for papers can be accessed here:
Facebook Event Page:

I would be most grateful if you could disseminate the call across your
faculty networks. You can also follow the event on the newsletter

Submission Guidelines
Please submit a 200-300 word Abstracts by *April 10, 2016 *to:
In the subject of your email write the words IAVC2016@Boston followed
by the chosen Section for your paper, e.g. IAVC2016@Boston Art and

Please note: you can submit only one Abstract and you should allocate
it in the appropriate section.
The Abstract should contain:
your name
your address
your email
your affiliation (university or other institution you work for/with):
the section you are applying for: e.g. Social Incarceration
your 200 to 300 words abstract

Abstract submission: *April 10, 2016*
Temporary Acceptance: *April 30, 2016*
Full papers: *July 30, 2016*

Lanfranco Aceti, Program Director
Boston University
Arts Administration
808 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 269E
Boston, MA 02215
P. 617-353-4742
F. 617-358-1230