Call for Participation

Proposal deadline: July 20, 2013
Organizer: Adrienne Klein, The Graduate Center of the City University
of New York

In conjunction with the College Art Association 102nd Annual
Conference, to be held February 12-15, 2014 in Chicago, LEAF (Leonardo
Education and Art Forum) will present a panel titled “The Art/Science
Curriculum in the Classroom and in the Cloud.” If you have developed
or participated in instruction bringing together art and science, we
would like to give you the opportunity to share your experiences.

The Art/Science Curriculum in the Classroom and in the Cloud

This panel will present examples of instruction bringing art and
science together in the university classroom.   Each panelist will
have up to 20 minutes to describe his or her experiences, to be
followed by general discussion.

Art, science, and technology are linked in the minds of a small but
growing subset of faculty and administrators on campuses
internationally. The practice and potential benefit of interaction
between scientists, engineers, and visual and performing artists is
widely acknowledged, but what is the state of classroom instruction
that encourages art/science interdisciplinary work? Submissions are
invited that showcase best practices in the integration of
art/sci/tech. Panelists will address questions including:

Are there courses in which students study and produce art informed
by science? How does this coursework fit into the curriculum?
How much science do art students need to understand, in order to
make credible work?
At what level is this coursework most appropriate; undergrad or graduate?
Is the New Media curriculum the appropriate home for courses
encouraging the inclusion of science (even though science and
technology are not synonymous)?
How can scheduling events outside of the classroom, such as
speakers, exhibitions and performances, promote cross-disciplinary
The session will also shine a light on the on-going Cloud Curriculum
initiative of Leonardo/ISAST (The International Society for the Arts,
Sciences and Technology). This initiative aims to create a
clearinghouse, in the form of an open-source wiki, to disseminate
examples of successful courses and course modules, building on ideas
and methods that transcend disciplinary boundaries, to promote the
transformation of research and educational practices.
Please submit an abstract (up to 200 words) to Adrienne Klein,, LEAF Chair, no later than July 20, 2013. Include
a brief biographical statement with mailing address, email address,
and phone and fax numbers. Please include a cover note explaining your
interest and expertise in the topic.

All applicants will receive a reply. Selected proposals will be
acknowledged by August 31, 2010.

LEAF is an initiative of Leonardo/ISAST (The International Society for
the Arts, Sciences and Technology)