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Weird Bug

Posted by on September 28th, 2010 · Lectures

In last week’s lecture I had some trouble with the script:

// GUI.js
var label : String;
var rect : Rect; 

function Update() {
   GUI.Label(rect, label);

Unity was giving the error:

Assets/GUI.js(5,13): BCE0019: ‘Label’ is not a member of ‘GUI’.

I’ve finally worked out why. When you create this script it makes a new class called “GUI” which overrides the built-in GUI class. So when I try to call GUI.Label() it looks for a Label method on this script. There is none, so it causes an error.

The moral to the story is: Make sure your scripts don’t have the same names as builtin Unity classes. So don’t call your script GUI or Transform or GameObject.

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