With the methods of minimal interventions, misuse and reinterpretation of practices and standards Beta explores the theory of relasticity with materials of everyday life. The essence of her work is the observation and questioning of current routines, constructs and behaviours within transforming frameworks and perspectives in a social and cultural context.

The convolution of the present interconnectedness of actions and meanings as well as the manifold different, invisible qualities of correlations are the core interest of her creative exploration. She is interested in the relastic tactics and strategies how we cope with these complexities and how we attempt to control and understand them.

In this pop-up situation she is working with questionnaires, mental propositions and experiments in the usage of flexible materials to examine the narratives and social-symbolic reference points. To amplify the relastic approach she is changing her program on a daily basis and the audience is asked for titles of her work.

If time allows please join the questionnaire How elastic are you?

Video samples:

Gathering insights and experiences through her employment in the creative industry she is now undertaking a PhD in Media Arts and Design at COFA, UNSW. BB teaches as a seasonal lecturer in Austria.