Naomi Shedlezki and Match Box Projects
Naomi is a Masters candidate in Sculpture, Performance and Installation in COFA’s School of Art. She works together with her twin sister Leanne as artist-duo Match Box Projects. In both her solo and collaborative practices, Shedlezki blurs the boundaries between art and life using public space as a site of enquiry to create socially engaged interdisciplinary works exploring identity, perception and sense of place.

Naomi and Leanne are currently developing People Make Places a body of work which presents multi-faceted, and in-depth portraits and perspectives of diverse urban and rural regions across the globe. During her residency at NIEA’s Rocks Pop-Up studio, Naomi, together with Leanne, will be conducting preliminary action research for this series, which will include collecting knowledge and local narratives from residents and workers of The Rocks.

During her residency Naomi will also be independently working on a project which will incorporate her collaborating with residents and tenants of the Rocks and asking them to reflect about their own relationships with their neighbours.

Open Studio – Sunday 22 April
Level 2, 47 George St, The Rocks

Visitors to the NIEA Open Studio will be invited to contribute to view works in progress by Naomi Shedlezki and Match Box Projects, and contribute to a series of projects considering one’s neighbour and one’s sense of place in Sydney.

Match Box Projects
People Make Places: Sydney Portrait (work in progress)
85½ George St, The Rocks
24 hour viewing to 1 May

One of works the Shedlezki sisters are currently developing can be viewed at the Rocks Pop-Up at 85½ George St through to 1 May.