Neil Brandhorst’s artistic practice investigates the intertwining nature of noumena and phenomena; his sculptures and installations challenge the unconscious and reflexive perceptions and summon a conscious and active inquiry of the environment.

Double Take is a continuation of Neil’s inquiry of ‘sense making’ process – in which the fluctuation between knowing and unknowing on the one hand conjures up an uncanny familiarity and AFFECT STATES that constitute our relationship with objects on the other. Halo (2009) and Horizon (2012) are both ‘objects’ which appear prosaic and familiar yet impervious to immediate understanding; such inertia encourages a viseral encounter and ostentibly construct a new perceptual relationship.

Neil Brandhorst was born in Alberta, Canada in 1978 and studied Sculpture at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary.
He is currently a PhD candidate at the College of Fine Arts of UNSW Sydney.