Location: Creative Studios, the NCCL (National Centre for Creative Learning), Level 3

Museum of Contemporary Art

140 George St Sydney, NSW.
Date: 14 Jun Friday.
Time: 2-5pm


Paul Thomas International Affiliate Leonardo Education and Arts Forum (LEAF), a working group of Leonardo ® /ISAST In collaboration with Nina Czegledy ISEA 2013 education workshop series invite you to participate in the workshop;

‘The role art education in an age of ecological crisis and the globalisation of knowledge’


The Leonardo Education and Arts Forum (a working group of Leonardo ® /ISAST), and the ISEA 2013 Education Workshop continue its successful international education event-initiatives in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MCA) and the National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA) at COFA, UNSW . We are organising a forum to build on previous events in sustainability, transdisciplinarity, post media assimilation, art and science cloud curriculum that is linked to a developing body of knowledge in the area of Science, Technology, Art, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) and Science, Engineering Art and Design (SEAD).


Educational initiatives have a crucial role to play in the age of ecological crisis, through transdisciplinary curricula is needed to illuminate issues associated with the unexpected and unpredictable changes in the environment.
There is a tendency by scholars arguing for a more sustainable future to position the “ecological crisis” as a fundamental reason for major educational reforms.

This will require however a significant paradigm shift facilitated by a pedagogical approach to transdisciplinary art, science and technology curricula that is capable of challenging existing paradigms, critically evaluating emerging alternatives, and fostering action based on new ways of understanding the biosphere.

The cloud is a concept of vapour (like STEAM), a medium that is another state in which the current understanding of cloud curriculum, as knowledge can exist as a shifting and ambient zone. The cloud questions the nature of time and space creating a literal topographic overview.
What should this overview look like?

The cloud is not an object but an experience and the curricula content are the molecules of moisture that act as part of the very medium in which we live and study.

Can the institutions absorb the idea of the cloud?

What role can critical pedagogy play in the face of the crisis? Chet Bowers asserts that we ought to analyze how assumptions are carried forward as metaphors, which are associated with attitudes towards science, technology, and nature. It is evident that one of our significant problems is to develop deep changes in the educational process to achieve a balance in education with comprehending and critiquing what constitutes the natural environment.
The question is what and how?

The adaptability of the curricula is one of the most positive solutions. The workshop aims to address the educational and cultural dimensions of the ecological change by presenting and discussing transdisciplinary educational issues associated with the current challenging situation towards meaningful solutions.


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