Network Art in a Lockdown Time

I am interested in the timeline for all of this for my chapter. I gave a Computer Arts Society talk on 28th April 2020 that mentioned just a few examples – and gave a personal history “Network Art in a Lockdown Time”. It is on YouTube plan to use the blog to help me build the timeline.

Any help/suggestions welcome.

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  1. Else e.g.:
    “Home of the Brain” 1991
    – ART+COM Berlin, Germany
    – ‪Virtual Exhibit‬, Telekom Geneva, Switzerland

    “Virtual Striptease” 1995
    – SWF Studio, Baden Baden, Germany
    – GMD Virtual Studio, Sankt Augustin, Germany

    … and we have to add more in our personal story about “Performative Interfaces”: Murmuring Fields, Memoria Futura, Ottos Mops, Sound & Vision – Hypermedia Tele-Lecture …

    All the best to all of you,

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