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Reasoning About Space (Update)

Posted by on May 5th, 2010 · Uncategorized

Upon doing further research and receiving feedback from my presentation, the direction and focus of my thesis has slightly shifted. I will still be proceeding with the development of an artificial agent that plays the pursuit evasion game, ArtOfStealth, convincingly and realistically, but I will also be looking at creating a modifiable agent framework which can be used to create different functionality and behaviours by using a parameterised and expendable particle filter.

I will also be running a series of experiments using a range of different modifications of this particle filter to see what different kinds of behaviours I can achieve by the modification of 3 main components; the number of particles used to represent the probability density function, the motion model used to predict the movement of player and hence the particles, and also the  observation model used to update the particle distribution.

There are a huge number of different aspects I could look at in this project but I will be trying to narrow the scope such that I don’t get too sidetracked from my initial proposal and also so my project doesn’t blow out of proportion in terms of work and complexity. Because of this I will be looking at only a limited number of algorithms for use in the decision making process and planning process.

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