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Art Of Stealth – Playtest results

Posted by on August 28th, 2010 · Uncategorized

Over the last week I had 5 playtesters trying out my current version of the game.

To pass the level there was a requirement that the player had to survive for a certain amout of time to pass the level they played. This time was converted into a score and a target score had to be reached; I noticed that players liked accumulating points rather than finishing the level quickly. I did not like this so the target is now a bar that fills up instead of accumulates.

A roaring consensus told me that the single object of surviving for a certain length of time in order to pass the level was incredibly boring. My playtesters agreed that a second of object, a snatch and grab kind of play, would be far more interesting.

I felt the whole game was a little fast for my liking, my play testers on the other hand thought it was a little slow. I’ve decide to alternate the speed of the game a little bit, speeding up the guards to make them feel like they are actually chasing you while adding a penalty for having the player run.

I asked if I should leave the particle filter on during game play; the playtesters thought, while interesting, it made the game far easier.

Some players commented on the movement of the guards and some of their more subtle behaviour. I am endeavour to fix them as best as possible.

Other suggestions mostly were around having pick-ups/power-ups, snares, laser alarms and other things to create more challenging gameplay.

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