Welcome to the Performance Memories Project blog.

As part of project, we have now made available as downloads more than 160,000 unedited Dennis Wolanski Library collection records from the project site. The records are in three spreadsheets – a subject list of research files in 1000 boxes and two converted card indexes, one covering the performing arts in general, one devoted to Australian drama.

The collection, which formed part of the Dennis Wolanski Library and Archives of the Performing Arts at the Sydney Opera House, is international in scope, with strengths in the performing arts in Australia 1789-1997 and performances at the Sydney Opera House 1973-1997.

The Performance Memories Project is a partnership of UNSW Library, UNSW Theatre and Performance Studies, AusStage and the Wolanski Foundation

The UNSW Library is playing an incubator role in drawing together curatorial and academic interests, with the aim of developing its digital collections and providing research pathways to significant performing arts information. Future data management and digitisation plans are being considered as part of UNSW Library’s new generation digital repositories project.

Paul Bentley, who developed the collection at the Opera House, is assisting us. Nicola Ashworth has been an important member of the team in creating the digital list of the extensive research files.

We are responding to requests for information.

Further information:
For information about the project contact Dr Jonathan Bollen: j.bollen@unsw.edu.au
For access to the collection contact Paul Bentley: pgbentley101@gmail.com
Performance Memories site: http://unsw.to/performance-memories
The Wolanski Foundation: https://www.twf.org.au/library/DWLRFPI.html